February 11, 2015

Which Is Better To The Youngest Or The Eldest Member Of A Family

Which Is Better To The Youngest Or The Eldest Member Of A Family

English Essay on "Which Is Better To The Youngest Or The Eldest Member Of A Family"

There is a Persian saying, which means that it is better to be an ass than to be eider brother. Equally popular is another saying, which means that it is better to be a dog than to be a young brother. Now the ass is an animal of burden and the dog is always at the 'Service of its master. The ass must carry all that is there to be carried, and the dog must do what it is asked to do and eat what it is given to eat. The saying, therefore, mean that an elder brother has to shoulder much more responsibility than a younger one and that the latter has to be obedient and prompt in performing his daily chores.
What is true of an elder brother and a younger brother is equally true of the eldest and the youngest member of the family. The eldest member is responsible for the maintenance of the family. He has to work hard and if, sometimes, his income is not enough to meet the daily needs of the family, he has to borrow. While those for whom he toils are free from worry, he is always burdened with all kinds of worries and troubles.
In return for this, he expects that the other members of the family should obey him, and it is only fair that they should do so. The member immediately his junior can pass on the orders he receives to any of the other members younger than, he and so on. Only the youngest member in the family has to carry out the orders given by all elders. He cannot pass on the orders that come from his elders to anybody because there is nobody junior to him.
Being the youngest member in the family, he has to be led and guided by the others and can seldom assert his authority he is considered to be too young and inexperienced to handle any important matter by himself. He is seldom trusted with a sizeable sum of money for fear that he might miss-spend it. He has to ask others for anything that he may require. If he cannot get free access to what he wants for himself, how can he come by what he wants to help his friends and playmates with at times, he hates his plight, but he is not so badly placed as it appears. If the youngest member in a family has to i obey orders, and, once in a while, to do without money, he is always the most privileged members in the family. He gets love as well as help from all other members in it. It is the duty of all to help him.
Thus it is observed that the youngest member of a family is always the happiest.

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