June 11, 2012



We live in the age of science. Science has provided means of communication. New scientific inventions have revolutionsed human life wonderfully. The inventions of telephone, telegraph, radio, wireless and computer have made this wide world very small. Besides, internet is a wonderful invention in the modern world. Computer was linked to telephone after several ceaseless, long efforts were made. Internet and computer go hand in hand today, The merits of internet are numerous. Internet Technology has token firm roots in Pakistan as well as in other countries. More than forty thousand websites are available for the Pakistani users. More than two thousand television stations of the world have been connected with internet. Thousands of students, teachers, doctors, technicians, businessmen and professionals can collect the meaningful data from the useful, solid and catalogued information provided by internet. They can also share their knowledge and information among themselves through internet.

We can also get latest news of the world, market rates and technical advice. Internet is especially useful for students. Students can get admission to all the famous colleges and universities of the world through internet. But students must use internet in a positive way.

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