September 03, 2013

Golden Jubilee of Pakistan Independence

Essay : [Golden Jubilee Of Pakistan Independence]

English Essay on "Golden Jubilee Of Pakistan Independence"

Golden Jubilee Of Pakistan Independence

Points: Introduction: How was golden jubilee celebrated-Message of the President and Prime Minister. What Sid we gain Conclusion
The golden jubilee is celebrated when fifty years is passed to any event. Pakistan came into being on August 14, 1947 and thus the nation celebrated the golden jubilee of Pakistan independence on Thursday (Aug 14) with exuberance, enthusiasm and fervor.
The golden jubilee year dawned with a 31 gun salute in the federal capital and 21 gun salute in the provincial capitals. All the official buildings in the federal and provincial capitals were beautifully illuminated with colorful lighting. Even private houses have displayed candles at the door steps and rooftops. The government and people of Pakistan have chalked out elaborate and befitting programs for the day as well as for the whole year to celebrate the golden jubilee year of lhe country’s birth and its independence. Special prayers were offered for the solidarity and progress of die country and for the establishment of a violence free society. All educational institutions across the country remained open on Aug 14 for special functions to commemorate the occasion.
President Farooq Ledghari and Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, in their separate messages, have urged the people to help to eliminate injustice, prejudice, bigotry and corruption and work for the prosperity, progress and security of the country. At midnight, 50 years to minute since the birth of Pakistan, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif welcomed the golden Jubilee year with an address to the nation direct from the National Assembly.
For the last 50 years, year after year, we have been celebrating Pakistan’s anniversary of independence as mostly a festive occasion. We rejoice but without keeping our eyes open to see what did we gain during last fifty years?
We lost the greater part of our country. The creation of Bangladesh signifies a failure on the part of the state in its attempt at nation building. Besides, Pakistan had to face two wars with India in 1965 and 1971. In Pakistan democracy has not come of age as yet. There is a nascent respect for the rule of law and the higher courts.( Administration no longer works the way it should. The most surprising result of this being that the state is unable to maintain law and order. Enthusiasm should some easily on this the 50th anniversary of Pakistan’s birth as anew and independent state. But the mood of the nation is dark and gloomy not only on account of what we have made of the gift of independence but also because of the killings which have become a feature of daily life in Karachi and many cities of Punjab. The society is conscious of me high cost of living of oppression and corruption. Ethnic and linguistic tension is growing very fast
The economic development during the last fifty years does not present a very pleasant picture. Pakistan is today and was at the time of independence an underdeveloped country. Pakistan is to day submerged under heavy debts and stricken by the balance of payments deficits.
The future, however, is not as gloomy as it may look at this time. There is good reason to believe but good element will drive out the bad element and emerge out the country of the present chaos.

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