November 03, 2012



Points: Introduction – The view of the hospital – Inquiry about friend – Description of outdoor wards – Description of indoor wards – Special rooms – Conclusion.

The other day I heard that a friend of mine had met with an accident. He had been admitted in the Jinnah Hospital. I went to see him there in the evening.

The hospital was quite big. There was a large compound wall to enclose the hospital. The tall trees provided their cool shade to the visitors. The roads, the paths and by-ways inside the compound were very clean. I was much impressed with the first view of the

I went first to the Enquiry office and there I came to know that my friend is in Room 41 on the first floor. A ward boy of the hospital conducted me to the room. There I found my friend asleep. I asked the nurse about his condition. She told me that he was out of danger. This assurance made me inclined to go round inside the hospital.

On moving round the hospital, I saw the outdoor medical wards, general wards, emergency ward, operation theatre, X-ray room, etc. The outdoor medical wards, both for men and women, were crowded with patients. The scene at the surgical outdoor ward was no different. It was painful to see the patients groaning under pain in the emergency ward. The patients at the outdoor wards get the treatment after a good deal of waiting. I felt that there was an acute shortage of staff. The doctors could not spend enough time on each patient.

The indoor general wards presented no better picture. Hundreds of patients lay in bed with dirty bed-linens. Some of them were crying. It gave me an impression that these poor creatures were not well looked after. The food supplied to them was no satisfactory and the bathrooms were not clean.

The patients of the special rooms received better and quick attention. These rooms were meant for well-to-do persons. It was a very costly affair which a common man could not afford. For a moment I thought that how nice it would have been if all the patients were treated aIike.

I left the hospital with a mixed feeling. It reminded me of our destiny. We admire great men when they are dead, we weep over the people when are no more and we treat people in such hospitals when they fall ill. But in any case, death is pre-destined.


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