December 21, 2013

A Nightmare

Essay : [A Nightmare]

English Essay on "A Nightmare"

A Nightmare

Last night I 'accompanied one of my friends to see an Indian film. The story was about a magician who used his knowledge only to trouble other people. He had a host of witches, demons, and other supernatural beings at his command. At a signal from him, mountains were broken asunder, and a cloudless sky sent down rain in torrents. At a touch, he turned living beings into stones' or changed their appearance altogether. A beautiful girls who refused, to marry him was changed into an ugly witch. He made her sit upon a broomstick and fly with him wherever he went.

Returning home, I took a heavy meal and straightway went to bed. In my sleep I was carried by four demons to a lovely country. I was taken to the king who was then holding his court. He must be at least 100 feet tall and rather too broad for his height. His ears were as big as the wings of a large aero plane. Each of his nostrils were like a room. His teeth were long and sharp like swords,

He was talking to his courtiers and enjoying a 'light' meal. Heaped in front of him were about 20 carcasses of various animals. Some of these animals were still alive. It did not require much effort on his part to lift an ox by the tail and place it into his cavernous mouth. Once the animal had been safely deposited there, his teeth went into action, and, in no time cut it into hundreds of pieces, large and small. These he swallowed in a gulp. It took him hardly five minutes to finish his meal, which he washed down with a tank full of wine. I trembled to see all these actions, but was relieved to learn from one of the demons, who could speak my language that the king did not like to eat human flesh. It was too soft and was considered nutritious enough.

The king fell asleep as soon as the meal was over. A demon lifted me high in his hand and said, You will now enter the mouth of his majesty.( He cannot keep his mouth shut while asleep. Flies and other insects fly in and disturb him. Handing over a lamp and a broom to me, he continued. You will find your way with this lamp, and use this broom to sleep away all insects; you will be severely dealt with.

Holding the lamp and broom in the hand I entered the mouth of the demon king. I took up my position at the entrance to the king's throat. He snored very loudly and when he breathed, air passed in and out of his belly with such terrific speed that once or twice I was almost blown off my feet. When he breathed in, large swarms of insects were helplessly sucked into this mouth. They were usually large for example; the flies were as large as tennis ball. I had a hard time killing them or them out of his mouth. Soon I was completely exhausted and felt so week that I could no longer stay on my feet. The king too, appeared to be breathing faster than ever. Once when I was a bit off, guard, he breathed so heavily that I was carried by the wind right out of his mouth and catapulted over the walls of the palace. As I was falling, I cried out as loudly as I could.

I was awakened by my own cries. I found myself lying on the floor beside my bed. My parents and all my brothers and sisters were standing around me.

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