September 30, 2013

Information Technology

Essay : [Information Technology]

English Essay on "Information Technology"

Information Technology

Superiority by power and material possessions has been man’s obsession since his creation. In today’s business world nations with greater technological resources and thriving economies are considering strong and powerful. Among the greatest technologies in today’s world, or in other words, in the 21 century is Information Technology too.

The primary concern of information Technology is the exchange and utilization of information while using the most reliable and rapid medium for the transmission of data. The current development of cellular phones, microprocessors, swift and user- friendly software, satellite and optic fiber cable for transmission of data and other such technological advances have brought about a revolution in global communication and commercial activities.

Information technology has transformed the business activities in the 21st century. The invention and widespread use of Internet has enabled the business sector to develop the new form of business, known as “Electronic or E-Commerce”. E-commerce has been facilitating the trading activities all around the globe, bringing nations closer and making the industrial nations more prosperous and

Although, Pakistan is not developed at par with its neighbor India in the realm of Information Technology yet, but with the increasing number of Pakistani professionals from local and foreign universities in this technology gives a promising future for Pakistan in This field. For the last decade, the Pakistani Government has taken considerable measures to develop the human resource and technological infrastructure to keep pace with the global development of information Technology.

Recently, telecom and software development industries have shown great potential for business growth. Their activities have played an important part in generating economic activities, along with providing a lot of employment opportunities to Pakistani youth. Numerous Pakistani multinational companies hove set up their business in industries and are not only playing impressive role for the development of their own market share globally but are also contributing in the progress of the national economy. The stock exchanges of Pakistan have transformed all their transactions into l.T. based systems. As a result the direct foreign investment has reached record levels in history of the nation.

Consequently, for the progress of Pakistan or any nation in 21st century it is imperative to have the hi-tech infrastructure for Information Technology and telecommunication, which can enable any nation to have a greater share in global economy by its swiftest communication and powerful information Technology system.

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