December 08, 2013

An Adventure

Essay : [An Adventure]

English Essay on "An Adventure"

An Adventure

A few years ago, a cousin of mine organized a party to hunt wild boar in the forest near our village. I was included in the party at my own request. Most of the persons in party were armed with shot guns while the others, except me, carried knives and axes.

I found the first few miles of my trek through the jungle very interesting. I kept at the head of the party. Gradually as the sun became brighter I felt tired and thirsty. The undergrowth was much thicker than before. Consequently, the progress through the forest was neither easy nor fast. Soon I found myself left behind. I walked leisurely, unmindful of the consequences of being separated from the main party.

After a while I came to the edge of a spring overflowing with clear water. A rocky platform surrounded it on three sides while the fourth formed a beautiful waterfall. The rock as well as the spring was beneath a grove of shady trees. It was an ideal place for resting. Having drunk some water from the spring, I lay down on the rock. I did not want to sleep, but soon I was fast asleep.

It was nearly dusk when I, woke from my slumber. I listened carefully for any sound or noise from my companions, but could hear nothing except the noise of the waterfall. Then I climbed to the top of a tree and looked around. There was no sign of my companions in fact, I could see nothing' but green jungle trees some of which were much higher than the tree from which I was looking for them. For the first time I realized the mistake I had made in losing contact with my companions.

I climbed down and started my trek out of the forest.( I had no maps with me, and there were no paths to follow I did not know where I was going all going, all the time; however, I felt that all would be well. Hoped to be out of the jungle and back home in a few hours time.

This hope, however did not last long. As it became dark, the mosquitoes became very active, and the fear of wild beasts and poisonous snakes began to disturb me. I was very hungry, but I trudged along simply because I had to. From far and near in the dark jungle, I could hear the sounds of wild birds and animals. Many a time, I entered a swamp. Then I had to change my course altogether not knowing what direction I was going to follow. There was a full moon in the sky, but she could hardly affect the darkness under the trees. I had to grope my way through it. I ought not to have left the spring for the night but now it was no use thinking of this. The trek had to be continued.

By midnight, I had almost reached the edge of the jungle but I was not yet completely out of danger. As I was pushing my way through the under growth, a tiger roared not very far from me. I kept calm and climbed to the top of the tree nearest me. I stayed there for the rest of the night.

Next morning, I was rescued by my cousin, who, accompanied by some hunter friends, had come in search of me.

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