December 08, 2013

A Speech Day

Essay : [A Speech Day]

English Essay on "A Speech Day"

A Speech Day

The last speech day of our school was held on the 15th of May, this year.

The honorable the Minister of Education had consented to be present. He arrived at 4.00p.m. On arrival he was presented a guard of honor by our cadets, boy scouts and members of Ehdi Ambulance Brigade. From the parade ground he was escorted to the school gymnasium. There he as well as the other guests watched a gymnastics exhibition for three quarters of an hour.

At 4.45 p.m. the guest proceeded to. the hall and took their seats. Before entering the hall, the Minister was introduced to members of the Board of Governors and senior members of the staff.

As soon as everybody was in his seat, the house was requested to stand for singing the school song. Our school choir led in this. All having been seated again the chairman of the Board of Governor rose to speak. He was followed by the principal. The latter gave a detailed account of the activities of the school during the year under review. This included complete analyses of the results of lower certificate of education, school certificate and higher school certificate examination. Both the chairman and the principal called upon the parents usefully employed during their leisure. This could be done by making them' interested in studies and extra mutual activities.( Both also called upon the minister to make a sizeable financial grant to enable them to put up a new library building and a new multi-storey science block.

The prizes were given away. The recipients were the boys and girls who had excellent at the various internal and external examinations. All of them were cheered loudly as they walked to the rostrum to receive their prizes.

The Minister, in his speech identified himself with the views expressed by the chairman and the principal, concerning the need for parents-teacher co-operation. As for the request for financial grant, he would consider it favorably; He thanked the principal and the board of governors for inviting him to be present on the occasion. The Minister ended with the singing of the national anthem. Then the honorable the Minister of education and the other guests were entertained to a variety concert and a fashion parade presented by our own boys and declare open, the exhibition organized by the Arts and Crafts Society, the Butterfly Club and the Science Department. These exhibitions' remained open till fairly late in the evening.

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