December 21, 2013

A Night In A Deserted House

Essay : [A Night In A Deserted House]

English Essay on "A Night In A Deserted House"

A Night In A Deserted House

As I was returning home after visiting a relative in an out of the way kampong one afternoon a few years ago, it began to rain heavily. My way lay along the edge of a rubber state, which had been deserted, being too old to be managed profitably. Presumably it had to be burnt down and replanted. There was a two -storey bungalow in the estate. As I approached the building I found that it had been deserted too.

Pushing my bicycle into the porch I rested it against a wall and entered the deserted house. One of the rooms upstairs still had all its doors and windows intact its floor too, was cleaner than that of any other room in the house. Here I took off my clothes and squeezed as much water out of them as I could. Putting them on again, I sat down, waiting for the rain to stop or abate sufficiently to enable me to resume my journey.

I waited there till well after sunset, but the rain still continued. Ultimately I lost all hope of returning home that night. As I sat there brooding over my hopeless position. I fell asleep. I did not know how long I had slept but when I woke, the rain had stopped, though the sky was still overcast with clouds. There was a strong wind, which occasionally blew with such fury that it crashed against the doors and windows of the house with a terrific noise.

I lay awake on the floor, when I heard men's voices in the distance. I became quite alarmed when I remembered that the surrounding jungle was a frequent haunt of gangsters and criminal wanted by the police. Some such 'bad character might be heading for that house for taking shelter there for the night.( Alternatively, they might be policemen in search of some wanted criminals. What would they take me to be on finding me there The third possibility was that they were some travelers who, like me, had been delayed by rain The only fear from that source was that they might take away my bicycle. Luckily for me nobody approached the house.

Presently, I heard the roar of a tiger besides this there were the howls of many other wild animals. Every moment I expected one or another of these animals to push open the door of my room. Later that night, the wild animals stopped howling. Now the only noise I heard was that made by the strong wind opening and shutting the doors and windows in all parts of the house. This reminded me of ghosts, for I had heard that ghosts usually haunt large deserted buildings. I had to stay awake in that dark room with its doors and windows securely bolted praying that the morning might find me safe and sound.

My happiness knew no bounds when the night was over, and I was able to resume my journey home.

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