November 16, 2013

A Visit To A Cinema

Essay : [A Visit To A Cinema]

English Essay on "A Visit To A Cinema"

A Visit To A Cinema

Last Sunday, Ali a close friend of mine, invited me and some other friends of his to see the film 'To Sir with Love', at the Ruby. We arrived at the cinema at 6.15p.m. There was still half an hour before the show began.

Ali posted himself at the end of a long queue in front of the First Class' booking window. Leaving him there, we had a good look round the place. We met many of our classmates and other friends, who had also come to see the film. We saw on the walls the 'stills' of many films to be shown at the Ruby in the near future as well as those of the film we had come to see.

When we returned to Ali, he was still patiently a waiting his turn to buy the tickets. It took him nearly 15 minutes to reach the counter. But no sooner had he done so than the window was slammed shut. All First Class tickets had been sold out. He was very disappointed and so were we. Then he went to the end of the queue in front of the Special First Class window. Some of us felt thirsty and went to the bar upstairs of some drinks. I, however, kept close to Ali. Once more he suffered disappointment he was still yards away from the hurried to the Reserved Seats booking window. This time he was lucky. There were just enough tickets for our party.

On the entering the hall, we found it filled to capacity. Clouds of cigarette smoke filled the air. After a short while, the curtains were drawn, and lights were switched off. Some children screamed on finding themselves in the pitch dark of the hall. They were quiet end by their parents before the various supporting films for the evening were displayed. Advertising slides were the first to be screened.( Then came a newsreel produced by the Malaysian Film Unit. It was very interesting, and the audience cheered, every time some popular Malaysian, leaders appeared on the screen. This was followed by a small film depicting a 'Safari At one stage, a lion was shown attacking a hunter. As the lion roared and jumped upon his victim, many spectators shuddered with fear. Next came, the trailers of some films shortly to be shown at that hall.

After this, the main film of the evening was displayed. This was rather a long picture. The supporting pictures and advertisements also had taken up a great deal of time. The result was that many among the audience were tired of sitting. One old man left the hall. This induced many others present there to do likewise. We had to squeeze ourselves, every now and then, to make way for them.

People sitting in the Third Class kept on shouting and passing all kinds of remarks as various actors and actresses who appeared on the screen. All was not quiet in the upper classes, either. One gentleman, sitting in front of me, kept on repeating the words uttered by the various characters in the story. Another sitting behind me was busy translating the dialogues for the benefit of his wife.

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