July 30, 2012



Points: Introduction – College building and other facilities – Principal of the college – Extracurricular activities – Conclusion.

The name of my college is Quaid-e-Azam College. It is now a nationalized government College.

The college is beautifully housed in a grand building situated far away from the dust, noise and smoke of the city. In front of it runs a spacious road lined with lofty trees. Behind the college building lie spacious lawns where the students play hockey, foot-ball, cricket and volley-ball in the evening. The college building is double-storied, consisting of one large auditorium, twenty-four class rooms, Principal's room, staff room, and office rooms. Each room is commodious, well-lighted and well-ventilated. The furniture is simple. It consists of sets of chairs and desks, and a chair and a table on the platform for the teachers. There is also a big common room for the students. Here we assemble during our leisure periods and play table-tennis, carrom board etc. The walls of the auditorium are tastefully decorated with the portraits of the founder and other leading men who have made the college what it is to-day. There are also found portraits of eminent leaders hanging on its walls. You can also find in one corner an Honors Board on which are written the names of the students who won distinction in the University Examination.

The Science Block which contains well-equipped laboratories is situated on the ground floor. Our college has a splendid library. Books of nearly all descriptions – literary, scientific, historical, biographical, political, religious, technical, and social are found in our library. There is also a Reading Room where you can read all the newspapers, magazines, monthlies and weeklies published in Pakistan. Our college also maintains a canteen where tea and refreshments are available at subsidized rates.

It is a degree college with the faculties of Commerce Arts and Science. About four thousands read in this college. There are about fifty lecturers and professors. They are all highly qualified. They all work hard in teaching us. They help the students in every way possible. They are their true friends and guides. Every year the results of the college improve and hundreds of students get first division.

The Principal of our college is an eminent educationist. He is very particular about discipline. He keeps the college compound clean and tidy. He is a man of character. He is very popular among the students. He himself is punctual, so he expects punctuality from his teachers and students. He is an ideal for the members of his staff. He believes in action.

The best thing in the college is the good arrangement of games, debates and other extra-curricular activities. The students of this college have always made their mark in intercollegiate debates and competitions in games and sports. There are two N.C.C. Units attached to the college. Every year a large number of students get military training. In short, the college aims at the all round development of the personalities of the students.

This college is one of the best of all colleges of Karachi. It is proud of its good students and the students are proud of their college. I love it dearly.

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