September 30, 2013

Energy Crisis in Pakistan

Essay : [Energy Crisis in Pakistan]

English Essay on "Energy Crisis in Pakistan"

Energy Crisis in Pakistan

The load shedding-driven sleepless nights and disturbed daily routines of last summer ore still haunting the people as the weather turns hot The situation has not improved since last year; indeed all the signs are that it is getting worse Last summer the notional media reported tragic death due to heatstroke and dehydration The energy crisis in winter forced thousands of industries to shut down operations, affecting industrial production and the Livelihoods of thousands of families.

Pakistan is most likely to face a major energy crisis in natural gas power and oil in the next three to four years that could choke the economic growth for many years to come. The current energy consumption trends in Pakistan are extremely inefficient, whether it be in the domestic, industrial, trade or commercial sectors with minimal effort, well over ten percent of national electricity can be saved by applying only the first level of energy saving that is a change in attitude It is simple and effective and all it requires is a stop to using energy

Leaving lights and home appliances on even when they are not being used is a common practice. Similarly, many businesses such as shops dealing in cloth and garments, jewelry, cosmetics, home appliances and electronics are usually extravagantly lit.

The second part of the solution is a change in lifestyles It would begin with the awareness that the country is facing a national disaster and every citizen has to pitch in to overcome it. We will have to compromise on luxurious lifestyles in order to meet the necessities. Markets and commercial places can substantially reduce their power consumption by changing their working hours. An early start and early end to capitalize on daylight as much as possible should be recommended rather than having opening hours from afternoon until late at night.

These recommendations are neither impractical nor a step backwards as some sections may consider them to be implemented they can not only avoid the collapse of a bankrupt energy infrastructure but also ensure progress. The bottom line is, in order to safely get through the current energy crisis the nation has to differentiate between its necessities and its luxuries.

If load shedding is still unavoidable despite all these measures, WAPDAESC should organize the cuts in a sensible way to cause minimum discomfort. Load shedding schedules should be properly planned and announced.

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