October 02, 2012



Points: Introduction – Strict discipline – Compulsory games for students – Maintenance of a first class library – Moral education – Extra curricular activities – Plain living and high thinking – Conclusion.

Much of the success or failure of a college depends upon its Principal. Principalship is a very arduous job, full of responsibilities. The discipline of the college, its moral tone and its popularity throw light on the personality of the Principal.

On becoming the Principal, first and foremost, I shall make my college a model of discipline and order. Without order and discipline, nothing good can be done. If the students are allowed to do as they like, teaching becomes impossible, and education is neglected to a great extent.

Next, I shall insist upon making games and some sort of physical exercise compulsory for all students. It is on the play ground that the feelings. of brotherhood, discipline and social service are created among boys. The team work becomes their habit. The Duke of Wellington once said that it was on the playing fields of Eton that the Battle of Waterloo was won. The national cry of England is ‘play up! Play up! and play the games'.

Thirdly, I will have a first rate library in my college. The works of all the famous authors of all countries shall be stored in the library. Nothing can take the place of a good library.4essay.blogspot.com

Fourthly, I shall like to give moral education to all the students. Moral education is necessary to make the students better, wiser, happier and nobler. They must know their duty towards their country and their fellow beings. They must be true to themselves. The true ideal of education lies in the moral teaching.

Fifthly, I will organize extra-curricular activities. I believe that youths learn as much outside the classes as inside them. At any rate, I shall do it that every student takes part in these activities. I small introduce debating societies, dramatic clubs, walking trips and social service camps.

Sixthly, I would like to discourage extravagance in the dress and habits of the students. I would encourage plain living and high thinking among the students. They will be taught that extravagance ruins man and a penny saved is a penny gained.4essay.blogspot.com

And now about myself. My attitude to my colleagues will be kindly, polite and firm. I am a very hard task-master. I do not spare any one because I do not spare myself. I will be extremely considerate not to hurt the feelings of my subordinates. I will treat them as a friend on terms of equality. And this is what I will do if I become the Principal of a college.

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