September 04, 2013

Science In The Service of Mankind

Essay : [Science In The Sevice Of Mankind]

English Essay on "Science In The Sevice Of Mankind"

Science In The Sevice Of Mankind

Science has rendered much service to mankind. It has given man a lot of power and has increased his comfily. In olden days man used to worship various things of nature which were understandable for him. This idol worshipping was due to ignorance and fear. Man was helpless before the rivers, the oceans, the big forests, the snakes, the lions and other things of this type. So he began to worship them. But now the outlook has undergone a complete change scientific way of life has rid the man of intellectual slavery and superstition, has opened new vistas for him and has enabled him to lead a respectable life in the real sense.
Science has enabled man to realize his own true worth. He is in fact 'the roof and crown of things' as Tennyson puts it, but had stooped too low to understand his true worth. Science has won this position for him.
In olden days the means of transport and communications was so meager that a 'person could not go out of his small city-state and had no means to contact those who were far away from him. But now the world looks shrunken before man. How fast is the speed of man! One can see the speedy motor cars and buses, trams and railway trains, and jets and aero planes. Above all we notice with a sense of awe and terror the speed of rockets and satellites. Science has enabled man to conquer moon and other planets.
Ships and launches float over the surface of trackless oceans and rivers carry passengers and goods from one place to another. It is a highly surprising thing to note that even the direction of certain rivers has changed to construct dams and power stations. In Japan and Rome and Holland man has been in a position to gain mastery over the ocean.( In Venice, for example, the houses are built in sea and the people go up and down the watery 'streets' by boats and launches instead of cars, rickshaws and scooters.
Electricity is another scientific invention which has increased comforts in the daily life. Electric heaters, fans, lights and other appliances are of immense use in our life. Even the poor man can enjoy such facilities, and comforts as are provided by electricity.
Tele-communication service is another important feature of the service that scientific inventions have rendered .Telegraph, telephone, television, radio broadcasts, internet, email and wireless operations have brought all the human beings closer to each other. These are specially' helpful in maintaining law and order, in serving the remote parts of a country, in developing trade and commerce and promoting feelings of mutual good-will.
Radio, T.V and movies have gone a long way to add interest to the life. The tired people enjoy the radio programmers and pictures. The monotony and dullness of their life is broken and they are refreshed. The lost energy is restored and they are once again in a position to face the problems and hardships of life.
In medical and engineering fields science has wrought wonders. How heroically we fight the diseases and control them and how gigantic are our buildings, factories, dams and other projects! It is extremely astonishing to find man digging mines into the recesses of earth and exploring the depths of fathomless ocean. In the field of agriculture the scientific methods have helped us increase the production of land.
This is only a beginning. The scientists are busy in their laboratories night and day and we expect the biggest change ever seen on the face of this earth.

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