April 23, 2012



Points: Introduction - Essential features of Pakistani culture Conclusion.

Culture is a way of life any society. It is the continually changing pattern of learned behavior and the product of learned behavior which are shared by and transmitted among members of the society.

As a nation makes progress so does its culture acquire distinction. In different parts of the world, nations rise with their individual principles and civilization and remain true to their own way of living, rites and customs. Some nations lose their cultural heritage by falling under the influence of other cultures. They are unable to maintain their individuality in the comity of nations.

Pakistan has a history which extends over centuries. Every age left its impact on the social and cultural life of the people living in this land. In this way the culture of Pakistan was evolved. Even today, the influence of the past ages is visible in the way of living of people, in their dress and diet, in architecture, art and literature.

Pakistan may be described a land of diversities. The diversities relate to races, language, manners and customs but they are all integrated through Islamic brotherhood. Islam presents a perfect way of life. In the Islamic manner of living, there are clear instructions about food and dress also. For example, it is laid down that dress should be simple and clean and it should be tailored in such a way as to avoid display. Food also should be simple and obtained by honest earning. The practice of inviting each other to feasts and exchanging gifts is much Islamic civilization provided it is performed without any personal motives.

In addition to social life other important factors that go to make the culture of a nation are its literature, poetry, art, and handicrafts.

The regional dresses undergo changes in the light of local traditions, economic conditions, way of living and weather in the region. Pakistan's different parts have different physical features and climates. Hence cultural differences are found between the people of hills and those of the land. Besides her modern civilized population, there are many old fashioned tribes. The culture of the tribes is quite different from the culture of more modern classes of society.

Language is one of the basic factors in culture. One can communicate one's ideas to others by the use of language and the ideas of others also reach one through language. In the four provinces of Pakistan different languages are spoken. Urdu is the national language of Pakistan. But all of them possess the same background of cultural and moral life. All the languages of Pakistan have a profound impress of Islam and its teachings.

The population of Pakistan is composed of different groups belonging to various types, both racial and linguistic. Their costumes, and their customs have also an individuality of their own, but all these disappear before Islamic and National awareness. All of these groups share the same traditions of history.

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