January 10, 2013



Points: Introduction large crowds going to the river to take their bath there – The water of the river very deep – The river infested with crocodiles and alligators – The people took their bath near the bank of the river – One tried to swim across the river and was drowned.

It was a village fair. A large crowd of people had come to the river-side. Some went there to have a bath; others merely to see the fair. There were some who wished to have some boating exercise. In this way thousands of people had assembled there.4essay.blogspot.com

The river was not in flood that day, though the water was muddy. But still it was very deep. There were some places, which were thought to be especially dangerous. Several boards had already been put at those places to warn the people off. It was also rumored that the river was infested with crocodiles and alligators. It had been given out that a few days before a person had been carried off by an alligator.

Still the people went there in large numbers to bathe. Standing on the bank, one could see all kinds of bathers. There were some who went no more than a few steps from the bank of the river, and took their bath only in knee deep water. There were others who went a little farther. The water reached only up to their breast. These people never stayed more than a few minutes in the water. They took a dip or two in the water and then came out. There were some who knew how to swim. Such people ventured as far as the middle of the stream. Sometimes they dived in the water also. There were two or three practiced swimmers, who swam across the river. These people seemed to be natives of this village. They did not seem to feel the force of the current or the coldness of the water.4essay.blogspot.com

But one of these persons met with a strange fate. He swam across the river twice with lusty strokes to the admiration of everybody. But after some time, it seems his strength began to fail. He began gradually to sink. No body seemed to take any notice of him. Everybody thought that he was only diving in water. After some time he cried faintly, “Help, help”. Then the people realized that the gentleman was drowning, and at once some people in boats rushed to the spot and discovered the dead body.

It was a tragedy, because the young man left a widow and two small sons behind.

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