September 11, 2013

What I Would Like To Be In Life

Essay : [What I Would Like To Be In Life]

English Essay on "What I Would Like To Be In Life"

What I Would Like To Be In Life

No one can see the future life is full of unexpected and often unwanted ups and downs. It is, therefore, not quite safe for me to predict what I shall become. But a man's fancy is always free to roam. He is free at least to think and dream of his future. Is I were allowed to have my way. I would choose to be a teacher.
You might laugh at this. You may ask, Why would you become a teacher Why would you become a military officer, or go into business Politics is another profession much sought after why not takes that up By following one of these professions, you will gain respect in the public eye and have money in the bank. You may be right but I think differently when you see a general or a field marshal, you are over-awed by his position and personality. A government officer impresses you as a powerful person. A merchant has a lot of wealth a small fraction of it could make one rich. Politicians run the government and are, no doubt very important people. But did you ever stop to think as to whom they awe all this dignity and grandeur Some teachers have equipped all of them with knowledge and wisdom, which have made them great.
Some people think that a teacher's job is very dull and monotonous. Whatever he knows he passes on to these pupils and has no chance to improve his own knowledge. His pupils can teach him nothing. But in reality it is not so.( For children is a great and important study in them. The more one deals with them the more one learns. Besides a teacher has a lot of spare time to read books and acquire further knowledge. We should not forget that a good teacher has to be an intelligent reader, too.
It is usually stated that the teaching profession is not good because a teacher cannot earn much wealth. I fail to understand why it is necessary to have money all of which we need to spend in a noble was I do not want to be millionaire; as a matter of fact, I hate to be one.
Let not the admires of officials and politicians forget that a teacher is as much respected as their heroes. His pupils respect him their parents are grateful to him for what he does for them, and those high civil and military officers also have to be respectful to their teachers.
William Wordsworth says that the child is father of man this is quite true in the sense that the child of today will become the man of tomorrow. If a nation wants to becomes a strong and noble way. They should develop a high sense of discipline and responsibility. It is mainly for this reason that I want to be a teacher. I wish to train the future citizens of Pakistan in such a way that all of them will love Pakistan, more than themselves. They will be prepared to make any sacrifice to safeguard he honor and prestige. May God give me an opportunity to do this duty for my country

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