December 21, 2013

When I Was Ill

Essay : [When I Was Ill]

English Essay on "When I Was Ill"

When I Was Ill

When I rose from my bed, one morning, in the mouth of July, last year, I felt that I had a very high fever and that it would be better for me not to go to school that day. I had not felt quite fit for a few weeks, though I had hoped all along that I should be all right soon. Even that morning I was not very worried I hoped that the fever would pass off very soon. But it steadily increased and, by the afternoon, I had become very weak. Besides, I had a splitting headache.

My mother took me to our family doctor. He examined me as thoroughly as he could, but, unfortunately, he could not determine the cause of my illness. He suspected that I was suffering from typhoid. He took a blood sample which he would send to the institute of medical Research of testing. Only after frightened the report from the institute would he be able to treat me properly. This frightened me very much, indeed. He advised my mother to keep me in bed and a few tablets to be taken at regular intervals.

After another day in bed, I became too weak to move about my headache became even worse. My brothers and sisters ran about the house as usual and, in my heart of hearts, I hated them for doing so. Perhaps, I was bit jealous too. I dreaded the hour when I had to take that horribly bitter mixture. My mouth watered so see my brothers and sisters eating all kinds of delicacies at all times of the day. At meal times, they gave me a cup of tea or milk, while they themselves ate like gluttons. I wanted to eat this food and that food, but my mother firmly refused to let me eat anything that had not been prescribed-by the doctor.

Some of my close friends came to visit me. They brought me many fruits. I thanked them outwardly for their gifts, but inwardly I regretted that only the other members of my family would feast upon them.

For the first few days of my illness, I was very anxious that more and more of my friends and classmates should come to enquire after my health.( But as time passed I became so weak and my headache became so severe, that I did not like anybody to disturb me. I particularly disliked those visitors who laughed at my being bed-ridden. But my mother considered it impolite to turn back the friends and relatives who came only to show their concern for my health everybody was allowed to see me.

As a result of many days contact with the bed, my body ached all over my back was particularly sore. Sometimes my mother set me against a number of pillows heaped on the bed. Often I felt so very depressed that I cried. Perhaps, I was afraid that I might not survive the illness.

The report from the institution of Medical Research showed that I was suffering from gastric influenza and not from typhoid as had been suspected. On being given the proper medicine, I recovered within a week. But my weakness lingered on for over a month. I was, however, able to receive the visitors and talk to them once I was rid of the fever and the headache.

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