November 27, 2012



Points: Introduction – An object of fun to the people of city – Fast life in the city – Crowd of people – A city of dead – Conclusion

Every villager has a keen desire to see a big city. Usually villagers come in a small group of three or four men. They rarely take their women folk with them. Their eyes are wide open with curiosity.

To most of the people of a city, a villager appears funny. First of all he is easily marked out by his peculiar dress. His heavy stick are objects of laughter to many. In his native dress a villager boldly walks on the metalled roads of the city, admiring the cleanliness and shining nature of the roads below his

A villager is amazed at the huge size of everything. The tall buildings he sees on the roadside are contrasted with the small cottages of his village. Everything in the city is on a grand scale. The fast moving motor cars, buses, taxies and wagons cause much confusion to him. He is frightened by the slightest noise of the horn of a motor car. When he wants to cross a road he is most puzzled at the endless line of vehicles. At last, finding a little gap, he runs breathlessly across the road to the great amusement of the people on the roadside.

A villager is dazzled with thousands of glittering lights in the houses and on the street. He feels as if he is in a fairyland. When, he gazes on the streets and turns his eyes, he finds people, people and people. Men, women and children hurrying on all sides. He has never seen such crowds of people except in the village fair which is held once a year. He wonders if this kind of thing goes on daily in the city. He is surprised to find that people do not greet with each

One holiday morning the villager goes for a walk. He finds that the streets are empty and colourless. The doors of houses are closed and curtains are drawn over many of the windows. It makes him feel afraid as if all the people are dead.

The villager forms a very poor impression of the city life which lacks the noisy, laughing fellowship of a village.

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