November 16, 2013

Left Alone On An Uninhabited Island

Essay : [Left Alone On An Uninhabited Island]

English Essay on "Left Alone On An Uninhabited Island"

Left Alone On An Uninhabited Island

SO I was left alone on that uninhabited island. It was an island covered with a thick forest. The place where I found myself on waking was not far from shining sand and clear shallow greenish water. There I sat on a stone safe place to sleep in.

I walked towards the interior of the forest. I was afraid that I might come face to face with a wild beast or tread on a dangerous reptile. Luckily, however, I met nothing of the sort, until I suddenly came upon a clear sprig of fresh water. Absorbed in thinking of my peculiar plight in that uninhabited and unexplored forest, I had forgotten my thirst and hunger. But no sooner did I see that beautiful spring, than I began to run towards it. Having reached its edge, I knelt down and drank as much of its water as I could.

There was a rock beside the spring. It rose into a table -like hillock, under a huge shady tree. A view of the place form the top of the hill convinced me that the spring was not accessible from the forest side it was a nice safe place for me to pass my nights in. The top of the hill would serve as my house and refuge if I did not find a better place.

As a boy scout, I had learnt how to make a fire by means of a bow. I had a knife and a good length of cord in my pocket. I cut a small branch from the tree and with this and the length of the cord in my pocket. I made a good, strong bow. Then I took a stick about a foot long, and sharpened it at each end. I wound the cord two or three times around this stick. One end of the stick was pressed against my chest protected with a piece of stone, while the other end rested' on a dry piece wood supported against the trunk of the tree.( Now I pulled the bow up and down the stick revolved at a terrific speed, and the friction caused by it set the piece of dry wood on fire. To avoid having to repeat this operation every time I wanted to make a fire. I buried some live coal under the ashes, which were covered with dry earth and sand.

Returning to the beach once again I undressed and jumped into the sea for a swim. To my pleasant surprise I found that part of the sea was infested with fish. I caught some fish with my hands. Having returned to the spring I made a huge fire and roasted my fish over it. It was a very pleasant meal -my first on that island. I ate heavily and, soon after, I fell asleep.

From time to time, afterwards, I went to explore the island and found some fruit trees, and a few caves and spring but I continued to stay at the fist spring I had discovered. I lived on wild fruits and fish.

One day, I saw a sailing ship in the distance. I made a huge fire and threw some freshly cut branches of trees on it and sprinkled water over it. Thus a fairly large and tall column of smoke was produced. Luckily enough for me the people in the ship saw the column of smoke and made for the shore. I was afraid that they might be pirates, but, as the ship drew near, I could see that it was a passenger ship. So I jumped into the sea, and began to wade and, then swim towards it. A boat was lowered a road towards me. Soon I was on board the ship.

They all locked curiously at me. I looked rather funny, as I had not shaved myself or had my hair cut for months.

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