March 11, 2013



Points: Place of birth – A rolling stone – Its uses – Continuation of journey – Conclusion.

I was born under a vigilant supervision in a Government Printing Press. On my front is the picture of the Quaid-e-Azam and on the back is written my denomination in English and Urdu. I was hardly a day old, when I was very cruelly packed in a wooden box and shifted to the State Bank of Pakistan. From there I go to the pockets of many people.

I am a rolling stone. I am not found at one place. Very often I am used by my master, who transfers me to achieve his end. As a matter of fact I am a very useful

Everyone likes to keep me with him for a short while. So I shift from person to person. I don’t have only one master. From time to time or from moment to moment my lot changes, so also my place of dwelling.

My master uses me in a variety of ways. Sometimes he gives me to the newspaper hawker. At other time he sends me to the washerman or the shoe-maker or to the meat-seller etc. One day he gave me to his servant to buy ghee from the bazaar. So I lie in the till of the ghee merchant for full one day. I am really to be there. It is a very dirty place and the fingers of the merchants are also very dirty. When he touches me, I feel a creeping sensation all through my

The burden of my master is over when he once disposes me. But my journey continues. It seems that it will never end or stop. I am always in rotation in the market, in the houses and in the business centers. I have to satisfy so many people at a time. Sometimes I feel very much perplexed. You will be surprised to learn that the people keep me in their books, in their identity cards and many safe places. Very often they keep me in shabby condition. Sometimes I am torn by their maltreatment.

As you have seen I have manifold, uses for the public. I am dynamic in nature. I do not stay at one place. I travel from country to country and place to place. You should learn the lesson of being useful and helpful to others in your life.

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