December 08, 2013

A Noble Deed

Essay : [A Noble Deed]

English Essay on "A Noble Deed"

A Noble Deed

One, day, during the last term-holidays, i took my bicycle and went to ride round the town. As I was cycling along the road in front of the Local General Hospital, I saw a horrible sight. A station wagon which was coming towards the town from the opposite direction suddenly swerved to the right and crashed into a tree by the roadside. The driver of the vehicle, a young boy, was seriously wounded. The passengers, all young boys and girls, escaped unhurt.

As the accident had occurred right in front of the hospital, the boy was quickly taken to the 'casualty ward'. Out of curiosity to know his fate, I accompanied the friends of the wounded boy. The attendants and the doctors on duty decided, after examining him thoroughly, that there was a chance of his surviving his wounds and injuries, if blood transfusion could be given to him.

They tested his blood. Enquiries from the 'Blood Bank' at the hospital revealed that there was no stock of the particular group of blood could be contacted at such a short notice.

The doctors then asked the friends of the wounded boy, who was unconscious to offer their own blood to save I him. A heavy silence fell upon them. Most of them lowered their heads and left the ward one after another.( One of those left behind pleaded illness. Another said that his doctor had prohibited him to give blood. Only one of them did not refuse to give blood but it so happened that his blood was not of the right group. The doctor shook his head in despair.

Taking pity on the unfortunate boy, I offered my blood. They took a sample of it, tested it, and found it to be of the required type. Then they led me to another room, where they took the required quantity of blood from my body. When I had sufficiently recovered from the temporary weakness caused by the loss of blood I returned home.

A day or two later, my father read in a newspaper the account of the accident. It ended with a note saying that the wounded boy was then well on the road to recovery and that he owed his life to a stranger who had voluntarily donated blood to save him. His parents were trying to contact him in order to reward him handsomely.

When I told my father that I was that, stranger' be was very proud of me,' and congratulated me on the praise worthy deed I had done. Of course, he forbade me to accept any reward for it.

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