September 08, 2013

A School Concert

Essay : [A School Concert]

English Essay on "A School Concert"

A School Concert

Our school celebrated its golden jubilee, last year. Among the functions organized to mark the occasion 'Was a concert given by the senior pupils of the school. As some leading members of the public and the parents of the pupils were to be invited to attend the concert, the pupils taking part in it were thoroughly trained. The school hall was White washed and redecorated. The stage was renovated, and a new set of curtains was bought especially for the occasion. The Whole, Programmed was rehearsed on the night before the night of performance.
The hall had been filled to capacity long before it was time for the concert to start. At 7 p.m. sharp, it was declared open by the chairman of the Board of Governors of our school. As soon as the chairman returned to his seat, the curtains were raised. Then the stage secretary went to the microphone, and requested the audience to stand up for the anthems. The school band was there on the stage ready to strike up with the anthems. After the National and State anthems, the band played the school anthem. And the pupils of our school, who were among the audience, sang the school song.
The first item of the evening was a solo, on the Chinese flute, by my friend and classmate, Assad. Then Ahmad a form V student, and one of my classmates, sang a duet. It was a Malay song. Tharmalingam accompanied them on the guitar.
Next come Aslam, a well-known singer of Malay songs. Naturally, the audience thought that he would sing a Malay song, but he surprised them all by singing a Pakistani song, a favorite with many Pakistani film fans.( Liaq who usually songs cantonese and Mandarin songs, sprang another surprise, when he sang a Malay fork-song. Rahi a Pakistani boy sang a Chinese love-song. All three of them sang with perfect mastery and were loudly cheered by the audience.
The highlight of the evening was an instrumental trio comprising the Pakistani tabla drums, the Chinese flute and the piano. These three instruments of different sizes and notes appeared to be in an odd combination. But the music produced by them was very sweet and harmonious, indeed. The item was encored twice.
A very large variety of instruments were played. Some of them had their origins in Malaysia and the neighboring countries of Asia, while the other had come from the West. Among them were reed instrument's wind instruments, stringed instruments and percussion instruments. The songs sung at the concert were in the various languages spoken in Malaysia. Their themes were religious, historical patriotic and comical. There were classical as well as modern light songs.
All the end of the concert at 10 p. m. the principal in a short speech thanked all the members of his staff and the pupils who had made the occasion such a success. He also thanked the audience for their presence. The chairman was thanked for declaring the concert open.
The audiences were full of praise for the performance. As they were leaving the hall, they were heard talking appreciatively of it. They described it as excellent and wonderful.

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