August 15, 2013



Points: Introduction – Time and tide wait for none – Its qualities -Advantages – Failure of punctuality brings great loss -Pakistan and punctuality – A social virtue – Conclusion.

When a person does a work at the time appointed for it he is said to punctual. The train, arriving at or leaving station at the fixed hour and minute is said to have arrived or “left punctually, thus, punctuality is great attention to the appointed time. It implies great care not to be either too late or too early for any work.

There is an English proverb, ‘Time and tide wait for no man’. This is only an effective way of expressing the importance of punctuality. Suppose we have to do a certain work on a particular morning at 8 o’clock; and we get up too late, the hour has passed away and that particular morning will not come again. The opportunity of doing the work at that hour should be considered as lost for even. Similarly, if we want to sail our boat, we must be constantly watchful of the tide. Time and tide wait for none. We have to be careful to take advantage of both. The same idea is expressed in the common advice that we should take time by the forelock.

Punctuality has a great virtue. It is not difficult to practice. It is possible for every person, intelligent and dull, to be punctual. It requires a wakeful mind. It demands a thing at right time. A lazy person .cannot be punctual in discharging his duties. The habit of procrastination or putting off is the enemy of

Punctuality is a profitable virtue. It enable us to finish our work in the appointed time. Thus we are not in a haste to do our work. So we avoid waste. Punctuality helps-us to do our work thoroughly and well. It is a virtue which is sure to bring success to everyone who practises it. Late Latifs are always failures in life.

There are many examples of failure due to inability to keep an appointment. Once an artist lost the chance of becoming a great because he could not be punctual. He was going to paint the portrait of Queen Victoria. But he arrived half an hour late and’ the Queen had left the palace.

In Pakistan, the value of punctuality is not yet fully realized. It is a common experience that streams of students go late to schools almost every day. It is very rarely that public meetings begin at the appointed time. It is unfortunately true that most of our leaders arrive for public, functions at least half an hour late.

Punctuality is a social virtue. A man who is punctual, saves his own time. He does not cause any inconvenience or discomfort to others. He, thereby, wins the confidence of those he deals with them.

Punctuality is the key to worldly success. In almost every profession, Punctuality contributes to progress and prosperity. It is a virtue which ought to be cultivated from the early years. It is the duty of parents to teach their children punctuality both by example and precept. The teacher in the classroom ought to pay special attention to the cultivation of this virtue in his pupils. If all are punctual, the nation, as a whole, is the gainer.

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