September 11, 2013

My Favourite Book

Essay : [My Favourite Book]

English Essay on "My Favourite Book"

My Favourite Book

Many books are to be read only once, some are to be read a number of times, while a few others are useful at all times. My favorite book belongs to the last king. Its name is Everyman's Encyclopedia. It is published in 12 volumes.
A favorite friend is one in whose company we seek always to live. A favorite dish is one which we wish to taste again and again. Similarly a favorite book should be one which we should never tire of reading. My favorite book is never likely to be dull because it cannot be read through quickly. As a matter of fact, it is not a book to be read like most other books it is for reference, for consultation -a friend who is full of knowledge.
Whenever I am free I sit down in front of the book-case where I keep the twelve volumes of my favorite book. I take out one of them at random. As I turn its pages in carefree manner, what a treat of knowledge I get. Detailed descriptions of events and persons I have read or heard little about, unfold them to me. Events, terms and places I have often heard of, assume a new significance as I read about them. Learning becomes a hobby and knowledge comes by way of amusement.
Sometimes I go to the pictures or attend a lecture given by a famous scholar.( I hear about many events and names for the first time. I make enquiries of my friends or of my neighbor in the hall, but often I get no satisfactory answer, and then I remember my faithful friend and adviser--my favorite Encyclopedia-and decide to consult it on reaching home.
Often after returning 'from school, I have rushed straight to my study and consulted this useful book, even before changing into home clothes or greeting anybody in the house. I have often, out of happiness at a new discovery left my study shouting as if I were Archimedes running out of his bathtub exclaiming Eureka! Eureka!
My friends, my classmates and my teachers all admire the depth and width of my general knowledge they think I have a special tutor at home who teaches me a lot of things daily. In a way, they are right, but my 'special' tutor is not a man or a woman, but a book, my favorite book.

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