November 16, 2013

Aids The Sure And Silent Killer

Essay : [Aids The Sure And Silent Killer]

English Essay on "Aids The Sure And Silent Killer"

Aids The Sure And Silent Killer

Sex education is a must to prevent HIV Infection among children. The fear that giving education on AIDS is now an epidemic and pandemic disease, it has developed many new channels of transmission and so nobody feels safe and secure from the dreaded disease.

The fact that now the world has turned into a global village has made the problem all the more complex and terrible. The genesis of AIDS or HIV ran traced to a particular type of monkeys (chimpanzees) found in western Africa and some tribes who killed them for their food. Gradually the virus became virulent and deadly and the endemic disease pandemic. AIDS was discovered for the first time in 1981 in Los Angles, USA in some homosexuals. Later the same symptoms were found in drug addicts and In those who had infected blood transfusion. Since it attacked and destroyed immune system in the body, the molecular biologists named It Human Immuno deficiency Virus (HIV). What makes the early detection of the HIV difficult It that H takes an average 5 years to show up. This virus can remain dormant as long as 10 years. The disease is fatal and still incurable. The prolonged, expensive, regular and cumbersome treatment can help only prolong the life of AIDS patient by a few years. The grave social, family, human and other implications make the matters still worse and the patients often become victims of many types awareness in the people about the disease, its prevention and care of the HIV patients. Children and woman are the worst sufferers. Lakhs of children die every year of HTV without any fault of their own. They are born to HIV infected parents. Some others get infected because of sex or infected blood transfusion. Sex education is a must to check AIDS Infection. Quality sex-education is the need of the hour because unprotected and promiscuous sex is the main carrier of HiV.( The situation in Pakistan is really grim and the cases of AIDS are rising rapidly and the high risk groups are expanding very fast There is an urgent need of mass awareness about this sure and silent killer. The challenge of the fatal epidemic can be met effectively by global cooperation and determined efforts.

Nobody really now seems safe and secure from the sure and silent killer called Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS); not even the children, housewives from traditional homes and conservative families. The fatal infection Is no more confined to high risk groups and areas like truck drivers, red light areas, Immigrants, homosexuals, drug addicts etc. in recent years the fateful disease and epidemic has developed many new channels and chains of rapid and wide transmission among ail the sections of the society. This rapid spread of AIDS has really stunned the people and put’ every society under a tremendous stress and stain. The problem has become so complex and universal that there Is hardly an exception. The ruthless, devastating inexorable and hellish March of the AIDS strikes terror in the very hearts and sends down the spines a chill. The other epidemics like plague, flue, cholera, small pox etc wiped out a large section of human population In the world during the past centuries but they were to some extent self limiting because of many reasons but now the whole world has turned into a global village and therefore the epidemic of AIDS has become pandemic and the whole human population is In great danger.

It is believed that HIV has developed from the virus that was found in a particular type of monkeys, (chimpanzees) in Africa. This virus was identified as STLVI bit it did not cause any serious illness in the monkeys. Later this virus developed and mutated itself to enable it to infect human beings and came to be known as HIV. Both these viruses are similar in their genetic makeup and destroy T-lymphocytes. It entered the human beings by monkey bites because some African tribes used to eat the meat of these monkeys. And it might have happened when monkeys were being killed for food. Initially this virus was in a milder form and not fatal. Promiscuity and almost free sex among the tribes of West Africa helped the virus to spread rapidly In Africa from where U spread to other countries and continents. With the passage of time the virus grew virulent and deadly and the disease epidemic. AIDS is the worst of the sexually transmitted diseases (STDS). Other modes of the spread of the Infection are drug abuse and Wood transfusion.

Millions of lives have already been lost since 1981 when first reports of AJDS were made. Some young male homosexuals in Los Angeles, U.S.A. was then found suffering from the symptoms of AIDS, it was discovered that their immune systems were seriously impaired because of this newest and gravest disease and so they called it Acquired immune Deficiency Syndrome or AIDS. And it was logically believed that the disease was transmitted through sexual channels. Later the same symptoms were found in the drug addicts and abusers who took the drug doses intravenously. Then came a third group to light with the same symptoms. They happened to be the patients who had received infected blood transfusion. Fortunately, in 1988 the American and French molecular biologists simultaneously identified the killer virus and christened it Human Immuno deficiency Virus (HIV) it is’ a retrovirus which destroys the cells of the helper class of T-lymphocytes. it is the destruction of these vital ceils that results in server damage of the immune system in the human body.

Unguarded sex and promiscuity is one of the major causes of the spread of AIDS. What makes the confusion most confounded is the fact that the symptoms of AIDS take an average 5-years to show up. During this period an infected person can transmit the virus unknowingly to many others and then they still to others. And thus the fatal chain grows on endlessly and viciously.

Obviously, the virus can remain dormant for a decade in the lymph nodes of the host’s body. This makes the early detection difficult and the disease most lethal; By the time the disease is detected and diagnosed and the victim tests positive, it is really too late because by them the count of helper T-cells begins to drop alarmingly from an average 1,000 cells per milliliter of blood to fewer than 500. Consequently, the patient’s immune system is so destroyed as to expose him or her to such deadly diseases as cancer, tuberculosis, fever, malaria, diarrhea, skin disorders etc. More than one disease often occurs simultaneously and it makes the situation really very grim and alarming. This makes the treatment very specialized, expensive and prohibitive,. The patients are required to be given mega doses tor a very long period. The patients are required to be given mega doses for a very long period. The patients are required to be given mega doses for a very long period.

The patients have to swallow 15-20 capsules every day with a mechanical precision at regular intervals without fail. An if the patient missed a few pills he or she was doomed for every. But how can the AIDS patients be expected to take these cocktails of capsules and tablets day after day, night after night for many years without a few lapses This urgency of total adherence to treatment schedule makes the HIV patients quite vulnerable. And the result of the missing pills are grave because they allow the virus to mutate into forms that are resistant to medication. The experts say that when it happens, the medicines are worthless and of no avail to stop AIDS. They say the resistant viruses will pass from person to person, creating an outbreak of unbeatable AIDS. Strict adherence to and compliance to treatment schedules for long years may prolong a patient’s life by a few years but cannot cure the disease. In spite of billions of rupees being spent on research, AIDS still remains an incurable disease. But there »s always hope and every year new advances are made to make the AIDS patients lives longer and healthier as for as possible.

But unfortunately, the treatment is not only long and painstaking but also very expensive. The prohibitive price of drugs for AIDS treatment is a thing of major concern. It may cost anywhere from Rs. 15,000 to Rs. 25,000 a month which middle class families can hardly afford. Moreover, the patients have to spend a lot of additional money on protein rich diet, consultations, medication, nursing, hospitalization and transportation to and from hospitals, nursing homes and laboratories. Sadly enough it is too expensive and prohibitive for a patient of full blown AIDS to keep him or her alive for a few more years.

AIDS has so many grave social, family, ethical, cultural and human implications. The AIDS patients are often grossly discriminated against by relatives, society, friends and even the hospitals and doctors. They become victims of social ostracism and public scorn. Their Isolation, neglect and ill treatment make them further weak and reduce their willpower to help themselves. Because of these many factors they are obliged to maintain secrecy about their illness. They are often consumed with guilt and are full of unbearable mental strain and frustration. Hapless and helpless, many of them may resort to suicide. For lack of emotional, family, social, financial and moral support, they are bound to become desperate, highly nervous and Irritable. Immersed in panic and worries, they can hardly think of anything else but their fatal disease, sickness and social ostracism which usually result in many types of mental disorders and depressions. People by and large, still think that AIDS infection can be transmitted by handshaking, and causal contact with the infected people or mosquito bite. They lack proper awareness about HIV and do not possess accurate and complete Information about the epidemic. We need to change our attitude to HIV patients. They should be treated with due consideration and compassion. Our approach to them should be positive, helpful and constructive. It is really bad to try to marginalize, isolate or ostracize HIV patients. It is a sheer illusion that we can escape or eradicate AIDS V isolating HIV patients. They should be allowed to live a respectful life in the society without any rejection and discrimination. They should be provided proper treatment, care and health measures besides proper and complete Information on the subject Social stigma s a big curse on the people already accursed with HIV. It works like last straw that breaks the camel’s back.

It is a big irony of our times that in so many cases people who are HIV infected get married and transmit the disease to their wives and children unknowingly. Women and children are the worst victims of AIDS and HIV without and fault of their own. It is estimated that some 8 lakh children were living with the dreaded HIV virus In 1998 and over 1000 children die daily due to it; and even more become infected every day. So far over 3 million children have died of AIDS and HF since the detection of the disease in the early 1980s; in 1996 alone 4 lakh children became the victims of HIV. In 1997 over a million children were estimated to be infected by the deadly epidemic and over 90 percent of these infected children were in the developing countries. They were born to HIV infected parents. According to the statistics of WHO 10 lakh children have been born to HIV positive parents since then AIDS struck the humanity. And a few hundred thousands have acquired the disease through blood transfusion or sex. It is said that if AIDS is not checked effectively then. infant mortality, because of AIDS, may rise to 75 percent by 2010. And of the 10 million people who died of this fatal virus in 1966, 3.5 lakh were children. Children are also subject to sexual abuse and exploitation. In Pakistan alone there are 4-5 lakh child prostitutes and they form a high risk group. The rate of infection among children sex workers and street children is generally very high.

Sexual health to children will result in early sex and pregnancy is unfounded. Sex education does not encourage increased and early sexual activities. Researchers have shown that quality sex education and program help delay first intercourse and protect sexually matured and active young people from sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy. Quality sex education Includes, among other things, clear knowledge of the risks of unprotected sex, promiscuity and homosexuality. Experts are of the opinion that education and empowerment combined with the promotion of children’s rights is the key to HIVAIDS prevention and eradication. Sex education Is also a sure way to prevent position. And prevention of prostitution means prevention of AIDS as well for the former Is a big carrier of the latter. Children and young men and women of today are In great need of sex education, guidance and counseling from the elders and adults. They have misinformation and misconceptions about sex and are quite Ignorant about factual and scientific knowledge of the subject.

Therefore It is the need of the hour that people are properly education and made aware about the problem so that they do not become the high risk group from AIDSHIV point of view. It is high time that more and more people, social groups, NGOs and other agencies are Involved In the movement for effective control of Its deadly Infectious disease. Lack of proper Infrastructure facilities In hospitals and dispensaries for the treatment of HIVAIDS patients Is another area of major concern. Consequently, not only the HIVAIDS patients suffer but the doctors, nurses etc. also fall prey to the disease while undertaking cauterization, Intercostals drainage (ICD), dressing of open wounds of AIDS patients and resuscitation of new born babies.

AIDS Is a very sure, silent and painful killer. The suffering, deprivation, trauma, isolation and untold misery of an AIDS’ patient can be well imagined. He dies a slow, lingering and painful death rejected and scorned by the society, relative, friends and even medical practitioners. But the gravity of the problem can certainly be eased by a mass movement in AIDS awareness. People should be educated how to avoid the dreaded disease and help the infected persons. We need to be ore sensitive and responsive to this global problem at various levels of a city, state, country and the world. It Is a global and colossal of problem and should be treated as such. Without International cooperation and determination it cannot be checked. The AIDS awareness should filter down from the literates and informed to the Illiterates, not informed and ill informed. The problem has many serious Implications and dimensions and needs to be tackled at various levels. It Is a crises of humanity and mankind and no society, country or nation can single-handedly and successfully fight the AIDS menace which has had been leaving a trial of death and destruction. Till it Is done, the humanity seems virtually living on borrowed time.

In the words of Dr. Peter Pjot, the Executive Director of UNAIDS, “Asia can moot the AIDS challenge If It uses existing knowledge, existing tools, best practices for tackling the epidemic. The knowledge has been hard won, and it has already cost millions of lives. Not to take full advantage of it would be a tragedy of historic proportions for Asia’s’ billions.” Different world governments, world bodies like UN etc. should rise to the challenge and make combined and determined efforts to prevent the countries from becoming national hells of the dreaded epidemic called AIDS.

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