October 08, 2013

Democracy In Pakistan

Essay : [Democracy In Pakistan]

English Essay on "Democracy In Pakistan"

Democracy In Pakistan

Modern age of democracy and real type of democracy depends upon public opinion. Elections are the very life and blood of democracy as they reflect the opinion of the people. In the present democratic states, the government is run by the members of that party which commands substantial majority in the legislature.

Our country achieved her full-fledged independence in 1947 through democratic process and also we claim to have democracy in out country. Fifty years of Pakistan’s political history provide some interesting statistics for students of political science. One of these is that periods of rule by the generals and civilians regimes have alternated at regular interval. In other words, there appears to be cyclical pattern of change in the form of government; 1948-58, a succession of civilian government 1958-68 General Ayub Khan’s rule, 1968-77 General Yahya periods succeeded by Z.A Bhuto’s civilian regime has again been installed. The new government was thus formed by the Muslim league, headed by Mr. Junejo. Soon the relations between the President and the Prime Minister got strained. Zia dismissed the entire National Assembly, proclaiming that the politicians had engaged in corruption and that the missing of Islam had suffered badly. However, he promised to hold election within ninety days. But he remained in power for more than a decade.

Unfortunately Zia’s political days were numbered. His plane exploded in mid year on 17 august 1988. But the elections were held according to schedule. Since then four general elections were held till now. The last one was on 3rd February 1977.(4essay.blogspot.com) What a pity In 1993 an interim government was headed by an imported Prime Minister though be claimed to a Pakistani national. Can an underdeveloped country like Pakistan bear the burden of the heavy expenditure on such elections

Where lies the faults. Why democracy could not thrive in Pakistan The answer is “Corruption”. The big business of corruption embraces every walk of life’ the police, the judiciary, the revenue department, the passport office, customs and excise , the telecommunication, the electricity and gas boards the list of endless. The bureaucracy rules with a rod of iron, instead of creating a civic order to assist Pakistan to develop and progress.

If in democracy, the character of the general public is not good, it is doomed, for democracy ultimately, rests on the best qualities of the citizens. We shall have to raise ourselves to the height of the occasion. We should elect honest and patriotic Pakistanis. Then and then alone is our salvation, and we shall, at that time desist from robbery, redtops and nepotism.

Mass education is the primes factor our social, political and moral regeneration and advancement. An ignorant and illiterate nation can never reach the perfect of its ideal character.

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