June 30, 2015

How I Passed My Summer Vacation

How I Passed My Summer Vacation

English Essay on "How I Passed My Summer Vacation"

Being the best part of the year, I always love summer vacation. A student is free to do anything he likes during these couple of months. He can go to his relations, can take part in all sorts of indoor an outdoor games, or can go to Murree, Swat or other such places if he can afford it.
Last year our school closed on 15th of May and any father chalked out a programme to go to see my elder brother who lived in Manchester After getting visas we started one morning by Emirates Air Lines. We reached Manchester after a flight of ten hours, arriving at Manchester Airport at about 4 in the evening. We came out through the green passage where my brother and his wife were waiting for us. We reached his house and after tea slept for hours.
The next day we went to American Park situated at a distance of forty miles it was a beautiful place. Tue entrance fee was pound five each. We sat in a mini train, embarked a steamer that used to take passengers from one side of the lake to the other; and enjoyed the visit by taking part in every kind of items such as Merry-go-round, swings, horror show, wild water log flume, cork screw roller coaster etc.(4essay.blogspot.com)
One day we went to see the famous Stockholm zoo. It was a wonderful place and so vast that we got tired. My brother then took us to a mini train station. The train which rare about forty feet above the ground took us round the zoo. I saw birds, animals and beast of all kinds there. In a cage four asses from Pakistan were kept. Small boys and girls looked at these asses amazingly.
One night, we went to see the lights of Black Pool. Black Pool is situated at a distance of eighty miles from Manchester. In Black Pool the main road was decorated with coloured lights. The buses and the electric trains that ran along the road were beautifully decorated with lights. The shops were also decorated with lights, it took us about three hours to go from one end of the main road to the other.
A few days after, we again went to Black Pool during day. It is a very interesting place with all kind of amusements. At the gate of the amusement park a doll model of an old woman of life size sat on a chair and laughed loudly. She continued to laugh always without a pause. The amusement park covers about fifty acres or more. We could not see all the stalls due to shortage of time. The entrance fee at each stall ranged from fifty pence’s to two pound per head. F had even not dream of the wonders I saw there.
During our stay at Manchester we visited many places. All these places were far away from there and we had to pay entrance fee everywhere. Alton Tower, Railway Museum at York, the airport of Manchester, the old fort at Yorkshire, the great hanging bridge, the great Shopping Centre at Sheffield interested us most.
Our vacation was coming to and end so with sad heavy hearts, we returned to Pakistan.

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