September 03, 2013

All That Glitters Is Not Gold

Essay : [All That Glitters Is Not Gold]

English Essay on "All That Glitters Is Not Gold"

All That Glitters Is Not Gold

Points: Introduction – All shining things are not valuable – Appearances are often deceptive – Conclusion.

Gold is a glittering metal. It looks very beautiful. But its yellow shine is not all. It has its intrinsic worth which makes it so precious. It is not easily available and it does not rust. It does not soil and hence it can be preserved for any length of time. These are some of the qualities which have made gold so valuable.
There are other common metals which, if polished, look as beautiful as gold and glitter as much as it does. The brass, for example, is such a metal. In shine it may be equal to gold, but in worth, it is not. And the reasons are obvious. For it does not possess the intrinsic worth which gold does. So, though it may be made to glitter just like gold, it is not as valuable and covetable as that.
From what has been said above, it is clear that appearances are deceptive. So it would be unwise on our part to judge a thing by its appearance only. Showy things are often worthless. Such things may be deceptive as well. The world is full of cheats and scoundrels and a man may smile and smile and be a villain.( Instances are not rare where a man of decent dress, polished manners and cultured outlook has, in a moment of his fellow passenger’s absent-mindedness, decamped with his purse.
In order to serve their own end, vicious and wicked people put on the garb of good and virtuous men. Such people are just like the wolf in sheep’s clothing. Their object is to make their own fortune by cheating and deceiving the innocent, unity and believing men and women. They pretend to be what they are not only, to achieve their own end. Such men are dangerous and by keeping in mind that all that glitters is not gold, we should always try to keep them at arm’s length. When we can scan and judge, it is foolish to be deceived by appearances.

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