September 30, 2013

Literacy, the Key to Progress and Prosperity

Essay : [Literacy, the Key to Progress and Prosperity]

English Essay on "Literacy, the Key to Progress and Prosperity"

Literacy, the Key to Progress and Prosperity

Humans have been blessed with the greatest gift of reasoning and contemplation. This blessing distinguishes the human as the superior creation of Allah, the All Mighty. It has been made our obligation, including men and women that we must get knowledge, no matter how much trouble we may undergo education, not only has been the key of success for individuals but also the path to the glory and splendor of nations around the world.

The people who realized the importance of their ability to acquire knowledge have been living in much better conditions than those who undermined the benefits of developing their knowledge or educating themselves about the realities at the life.
The process of getting education leads us to know how the objectives of our lives. Education guides us how to set priorities of the basic human wants; food, clothing and shelter Literacy plays a greater part in setting the goals of one’s life; based on accumulation of knowledge of right and wrong.

Education is the basis of Creativity. Only the literate scholars, scientists and philosophers have been able to Invent or discover various theories, hypothesis, and rules for better physical, moral and social The natural curiosity of humans, which is more developed in on education, person, has brought forward many comforts for the generations to come.

Education helps in having right beliefs and faith. The contemplation of educated humans in nature has brought the mankind closer to the Creator. At the zenith of human intellect God blessed the humanity with the Hoy Scriptures, which were revealed unto his messengers. The educated people are thus blessed with the divine gift of faith and right beliefs. To enable each and every Muslim to be Righteous and devout follower, the Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H.) emphasized on obtaining knowledge.

Education makes oneself more reasonable human being with greater tolerance understanding and mutual respect. This is why literacy, even if it means to acquire the skills of reading and writing or to have a broad realistic view of life, has to be acquired by everyone. The ability for learning is present in the whole mankind, without any exception of race or region. Realizing these virtues of education and for making the world a peaceful place, the developed nations have been helping the developing ones to raise the graph of education.

Therefore, it is imperative for individuals and nations to acquire knowledge, both formal academic education and by personal experiences and practical research. Only the literate societies con really make out a better and peaceful world, where all notions can share the success and virtues of humanity, and where everyone can enjoy the blessings of God in progressive and prosperous conditions.

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