March 09, 2014


Essay : [Environment]

English Essay on "Environment"


Third world war might not be such a grave concern for the people living in this world, why? because they have become an aware of the fact that if it materialized, no one is going to survive on the surface of earth. The leaders of the world became conscious.

Yet what about environment? which is getting depleted polluted and oxygen less day by day without which the survival of mankind would become a thing of the past and the worst of all, people are still not aware of it. They are still guided by the so called rules of economics to earn profit and that economic development is a panacea to all ills.

Today we find the whole world caught mercilessly in the perilous jaw of Environmental Pollution and ecological degradation.

The ill lies not in some single phase of life but it is ' multidimensional. It is desolating the green woods, eroding some of the most fertile tracks of land banishing the most precious species from the wild life and also all violently hurling millions of hazardous waste, toxic fumes and lethal components in the air and water ways.

These all listed elements have played havoc with the Environment. CFC's the only manmade chemicals is used as coolants in refrigerators, air conditioner and as solvent for cleaning computers and circuit boards. Evidence indicate that the chemicals are finding their way into the• atmosphere and destroying the ozone layer whereas ozone layer filters out most of the ultraviolet rays of the sunlight. It is believed that the destruction of ozone layer would dramatically increase the skin cancer and a drop in crop yield etc.

Similarly, cyclical fluctuation in temperature known as Green house effect is another contributory factor of the Environmental Pollution. This is building up the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, which gradually increases the temperature, which would have an ultimate effects like the rise in the level of sea, Global warming, and melting of ice sheets in the polar regions, which would bring a drastic change in the environment.

Air pollution due to the release of toxic fumes in the air is creating hazardous effects not only on the human beings but also on the, animals and birds, proper and clean atmosphere is a requirement for the survival of life on the planet.

Toxic waste goes untreated in the water ways, especially in the third world countries, a statistics reveals that 90 percent of the industries in Pakistan have no water treatment plant and as a result of this negligence almost all quantity of chemical waste is deposited in our main water sources i.e. Rivers and lakes.

Apart from these main causes, there are some subsidiary causes as well, which are gradually depleting the environment.( Among them is, noise pollution, due to the production of auto-mobiles, Ignorance to environment is another cause of the pollution especially with respect to the third world countries and the other developing nations. Neatly over population is another contributory factor, over population has led to an increase in the demand and production of the industrial goods, which eventually plays havoc with the environment.

Scientific research should undergo a change, natural source of energy should be utilized for all practical purposes, for example auto-mobiles, refrigeration etc. The member countries should develop a fund for the research of an alternative form of energy which would be less hazardous, for health and environment.

Most important effort was Earth Summit in 1992. ( Though united States held some reservation on the cutting back at industrial pollution, yet even then the countries proceeded with their argument. The world at Global level condemned United States for being a major hold in this concern. This Earth Summit was followed by Copenhagen conference in Denmark which dealt the issue relating to global warming and pushed the participants to do a nationwide legislation in this respect. Though positive results are still awaiting, yet it is hoped that things would ultimately be put to right.

These agencies with exception to Green Peace whose sole motive is inculcating awareness regarding environment have been successful in promoting formulation of policies. Agencies like World Bank and Asian

Development Bank attaches a condition of environmental concern with their package of aid and loan which they give to the developing countries. In this way substantial efforts have been made towards the awareness of this concern regarding degradation of environment and global warming.

Dialogue between NGO's EPA and local authority are required as for this realization. Whereas at International level, agencies donating money and giving loans should do no bargaining in attaching condition of environment protection with their package. This is not "my" world. This is "our" world and the effort at the level "us" is required for all practical reasons.

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