July 30, 2012



Points: Introduction – Problems on school leaving – Conclusion.

School life is care free and is full of joy and happiness. In this period the students do not take anything seriously. They seldom care for their studies and future life.

The students who do not have any definite aim during the school life suffer a lot in the end. They face many problems after leaving the school. Choosing of a career is a vital issue. The students get no aid from the teachers and the parents as well. They don’t know how to decide and what to decide. This baffles the students in their decision about their future career.

The second horrible problem faced by the students is to get admission in a college. A lot of time is wasted in finding a way to this problem. After the admission is sought, the next problem which the students encounter is the combination of subjects. They are not allowed to choose the subjects at their own accord. This gives a set back to their interest. The third problem is the teaching methods in colleges which are totally different from those of schools. No stress is laid on teaching and punctuality of time. Irregular attendance is not checked and it leaves a bad impression on the minds of students and as a result they lose their interest in studies. The most serious problem in colleges is students' politics. The inexperienced students often fall victims to the designs of the political parties of the country. Conflict among the students have become the order of the day. As a result most of the time the colleges remain closed. As a student is a learner, his first and foremost duty is to read and know. The disturbed atmosphere in the colleges deviate the students from their right path and thus they fail to achieve their desired goal. The college authorities fail to offer a conducive atmosphere to the students fresh from the schools. They do not feel at home for sometime and find difficulties in getting themselves adjusted to the new environment. Again, the students who are not in a position after the school education to continue their studies face the problem in finding any employment.

Our country is on the developing stage. Education is very vital for its progress and prosperity. All efforts should be made to create congenial atmosphere in the educational institutions where the students may receive their education according to their choice and without any hurdle.

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