College Essays List

  1. A Badminton Match
  2. A Bicycle Ride
  3. A Birthday Party
  4. A Cricket Match
  5. A Day At the Seaside
  6. A Day In The Life Of A Housewife
  7. A Drought
  8. A Foot Ball Match
  9. A Fun Fair
  10. A Fund
  11. A Good Citizen
  12. A Good Deed Rewarded
  13. A Good Manners Week
  14. A Hockey Match
  15. A Holiday I Will Never Forget
  16. A Journey By Air
  17. A Journey By Train
  18. A Meal At A School Canteen
  19. A Morning Walk
  20. A National Solidarity Week
  21. A Night In A Deserted House
  22. A Nightmare
  23. A Noble Deed
  24. A Picnic
  25. A Practical Joke
  26. A Quarrel In My Street
  27. A Reception In The Jungle
  28. A Road Accident
  29. A Road Safety Campaign In My Town
  30. A Roadside Medicine Seller
  31. A School Cleanliness Week
  32. A School Concert
  33. A Shopping Trip
  34. A Speech Day
  35. A Stage Play
  36. A Street Fire
  37. A Thunderstorm
  38. A Train Accident
  39. A Visit To A Cinema
  40. A Visit To A Library
  41. Abducted From School
  42. After Missing The Last Bus
  43. Ah These examinations
  44. An Adventure
  45. An Air Drama
  46. An Evening Walk
  47. An Interview For A Job
  48. APWA
  49. Auto Biography Of A School
  50. Autobiography Of An Old Bicycle
  51. Autobiography Of An Old Fountain Pen
  52. Autobiography Of An Old Pair Of Shoes
  53. Autobiography Of An Old Shirt
  54. Being A Maid Servant
  55. Being An Only Child
  56. Compulsory Military Training
  57. Cultural Delegations And Good-Will Missions
  58. Emancipation Of Woman
  59. Football Fans Fight It Out
  60. Generosity Punished
  61. Honesty Is The Best Policy
  62. How A Bully Was Made To Feel Small
  63. How A School Magazine Was Brought Out
  64. How A Thief Was Caught
  65. How To Spend One's Holidays
  66. Is Sports day More enjoyable For Performers Or Spectators
  67. Knowledge Is Power
  68. Left Alone On An Uninhabited Island
  69. Lost In A Crowd
  70. Merdeka Anniversary Celebrations
  71. My Favourite Book
  72. My Favourite Friend
  73. My Favourite Teacher
  74. My Pet
  75. Patriotism
  76. Portrait Of A Grandfather
  77. Problem Of Stray Dogs In My Street
  78. Science In The Service Of Mankind
  79. Technical Education
  80. Ten Minutes At A Bus Stop
  81. The Annual Sports Of Our School
  82. The Country In Asia I Most Like To Visit
  83. The Daily Life Of A School Boy
  84. The Day I Was Really Happy
  85. The Day When Everything Went Wrong
  86. The Happiest Moment In My Life
  87. The Importance Of Game
  88. The Most Important Subject At My School
  89. The Place Of Women In Our Society
  90. The Problem Of War And Peace
  91. The Scene At A Busy Railway Station
  92. The United Nations
  93. The Use And Misuse Of Transistors
  94. The Value Of Prize Bonds
  95. Travelling As A Means Of Education
  96. Visit To A Market At Its Busiest Hour
  97. Well Punished
  98. What I Find Most Interesting In The Newspaper I Read
  99. What I Would Like To Be In Life
  100. When I Was Ill
  101. A Summer Resort In Pakistan
  102. Atomic Energy
  103. Celebrations Of The Republic Day In Pakistan
  104. Educational Problems Of Pakistan
  105. Eid Meelad-Un-Nabi
  106. Life In A Pakistani Village
  107. Linguistic Problems In Pakistan
  108. Of Studies
  109. Of Travel
  110. Our National Hero
  111. Pakistan And Her Neighbuors
  112. Pakistan From An Optimist's Point Of View
  113. Recent Advancements In Science
  114. Science And War
  115. Science Is Not Enough
  116. Students' Unrest In Pakistan
  117. The Future of Mankind
  118. Trip To A Hill Station (Ziarat)
  119. Unity, Faith and Discipline
  120. Why I Love Pakistan

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