September 30, 2013

Image of Muslims Unity of Muslims

Essay : [Image of Muslims Unity of Muslims]

English Essay on "Image of Muslims Unity of Muslims"

Image of Muslims Unity of Muslims

Muslims throughout the world ore very concerned about the poor image of Islam, the weakness of the Muslims and their oppression by others. Muslim countries can do nothing to help beyond appealing to the rest of the world, the non-Muslim world to intervene and put on end to the misery of our Muslim brothers and know how unproductive such an appeal is many of us are resigned to our fate. We believe there is nothing we can do today the image of Muslim is far from being that of the Islam of the Prophet.

There are those who get so frustrated and angry that they want to lash out against their enemies blindly what is important to them is that they can shown their anger, They believe they are fighting a holy war, a jihad. They believe that they will become martyrs whether they achieve anything or not, What they do does not improve the image of the Muslim In fact They achieve the opposite effect Because of this we are considered as terrorist community throughout the world.

Then there is the brotherhood of the Muslims which Islam enjoins upon us. Con we say that we Muslims-are brothers If we are then can we argue among ourselves on what to do wile our brothers in Palestine and elsewhere are being slaughtered Every time a proposal is made to solve a problem we cannot unanimously agree to the proposal and if we make a counter proposal the others will not agree either and so we remain divided and hove never achieved the unity of the Muslim

If today the Muslims ore oppressed and hunted like animals sometimes, it is not because of Islam. It is because we have not taken the struggles of our Prophet as our guide, as an example of how to overcome adversity and how to succeed. Despite the 1.3 billion Muslims n this world we are unable to do anything for ourselves. We live at the mercy of others. Yet it is well within our means to develop and grow and to equip, ourselves with the entire wherewithal needed to gain the respect of the world, to change the image of Islam ‘or the better Allah has given us so much wealthy already. All that is really needed is for us to use this wealth prudently. Only when we have seriously mode the effort, we can expect success through divine intervention.

It is therefore imperative that apart from acquiring modern knowledge we must emphasize the study of modern economics and finance and we must learn economic management. Whether our countries will survive or not will depend on how much we understand the science and art of building economic strength. The development of our countries depends on this. Industrialization, trade and prudent financial management are more important than political skills or even military strength and prowess. Being brave and being ready to die for Islam, is not enough and may even be counterproductive.

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