October 27, 2013

A Meal At A School Canteen

Essay : [A Meal At A School Canteen]

English Essay on "A Meal At A School Canteen"

A Meal At A School Canteen

The other day, I had my lunch at our school canteen. It was my first experience of eating there, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

As I entered the spacious dining-hall, I found long rows of tables and chairs arranged in order. Many of my school mates had taken their seats. I had to search for a vacant seat. I had been sitting for quite awhile, when a boy sitting next to me patted me on the shoulder and said. “Have you ordered you food No , said I, I am waiting for the waiters to come and enquire what I want. It appears that this is the first time that you have come here, he retorted. You have to tell them yourself what you like to eat. As you see, they are too busy to attend to all people here individually. I thanked him and walked to the manger's table.

I found the manger surrounded by a large number of customers. Every one of them wanted his order to be taken first and executed at once. The manager struck me as really marvelous man he knew almost all the boys and girls who daily visited his canteen, by voice. Without caring to look up, he uttered orders aloud to his assistants, and gave the names of the customers, in one and the same breath. When I spoke, he looked up for the first time. I knew why he had done so he had heard my voice for the first time. I told him what I wanted, paid the amount asked for, and returned to my seat.

I was hungry and was anxiously awaiting my food. It was however, great seeing so many of my schoolmates eating, joking, and shouting, at the same time. There were a few who showed little interest in eating at all. One of them removed the food from a table while its occupant was looking away. Another was displaying a plate, full of food. It had been ordered by a classmate of his.4essay.blogspot.com The latter was a rich man's son, but food was rather poor. The jester shouted, ladies and gentlemen, attention please! This is how people become rich. This poor food will be eaten by a rich man's son. All laughed heartily, but the boy, at whose cost they did so, remained cool and calm throughout.

Another boy got up to say something in doing so; he upset the table in front of him. Every dish and plate on the table rolled onto the boys sitting at the opposite side. While they were wiping their does, badly stained with gravy, a roar of laughter went up from the amused spectators. This was, perhaps, a little too unkind of them, but the victims paid no heed to anybody there. They smiled and left the canteen, and were lustily cheered by the crowd once more. Such jokers, however, were very few, and their jokes were confined to their own limited circle.

I was so much absorbed in all this that I totally forgot that I had gone there to eat. I was, therefore, pleasantly surprised to find the food before me. It was tasty and I enjoyed it. But the joy of eating the tasty food was not so great as the joy of watching others eat.

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