December 21, 2013

Ten Minutes At A Bus Stop

Essay : [Ten Minutes At A Bus Stop]

English Essay on "Ten Minutes At A Bus Stop"

Ten Minutes At A Bus Stop

Yesterday when I was leaving for school, I found that the rear wheel of my bicycle was deflated. As there was not enough time for me to take the punctures, the bicycle to a bicycle-repairer's shop to get it tested for punctures, and to get the punctures, if any, mended, I decided to travel to school by bus. I hurried to the bus stop nearest to my house. It is situated in the main street of my town, and I had to wait there for about ten minutes. Here is a brief account of what I saw there during that short time.

The bus stop had a long queue of passengers waiting for their respective buses to arrive. Most of them were office workers, schoolboys and schoolgirls. Those who travelled by bus daily knew one another and talked to each other in a friendly fashion. Occasional passenger like me stood apart from the crowd.

Within a minute of my arrival at the bus stop, a bus appeared in the distance. Everybody began to strain his neck and eyes to make out to which particular route it belonged. The more curious ones stepped into the road and stood there starting, with great concentration, at the bus. Some could correctly read the route number and the destination of the bus while the others, having poor eyesight, only guessed at them. Naturally, disagreements arose over this issue, but these were settled as soon as the bus drew up in front of us.

As soon as bus stopped, those who wished to catch it rushed forward, without waiting for the passengers inside climb down if they so desired. The conductor had to push them back. Though there was enough room inside the bus for all the passengers to be seated comfortably, the scrambling at the door continued till all had entered and occupied their seats.

One or, two passengers even came to blows but they were apparently ashamed of their conduct when they found vacant seats on entering the bus.

There were only two passengers-a married couple for the next bus. But the bus could take only one passenger. The woman got in and her husband rushed in after her. I spit of all the protests and entreaties that the conductor made, neither the man nor his wife' would alight form the bus.( The conductor who was afraid of some police action being taken against him for overloading the bus, refused to allow the bus to move unless both or ol1e of them left it. In the end, the quarrel ended, to the entire satisfaction of either party, when one of the passengers bound for the next stop offered to get down and walk to his destination.

I had very little time to look at the road and traffic on it. There were buses, cars and bicycles all over the place. The traffic moved in such a continuous stream that a pedestrian could cross the road only at the risk of his life. A cyclist was knocked down by a car not very far from where I stood. This brought the traffic to a temporary halt. Meanwhile' my bus arrived and I left in it for my school.

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