February 23, 2014

Modern Civilization

Essay : [Modern Civilization]

English Essay on "Modern Civilization"

Modern Civilization

The true meaning of civilization has not become hundred percent clear despite many centuries of so called civilized life. Each nation, or society, calls itself civilized without exactly knowing the real connotation of civilization. Even backward nations have something to fall back upon; they harp upon their' glorious' past and their heritage in case they cannot boast of any positive achievements in the twentieth century. They credit themselves with spiritual metaphysical traits and are at pains to prove their superiority over advanced modern societies which have worked through 'materialistic' values of life which are beyond their reach. Science, technology and modern inventions are spurned at because they distract their attention from 'other-worldly' pursuits that their respective religious imbibe.

Civilization connotes culture and refinement the qualities of head and heart of man, which lift him above the state of primitive man. Love, charity, spirit and sacrifice, regard for truth and honesty as well as a sense of responsibility to, the state and society are some of the essential characteristics of a civilized person in modern society. It is worthwhile to compare these characteristics of the modern age with those of earlier ages. There are evident points of contrast, we find. The modern comforts of life which were similarly absent in the other civilizations. The term 'material comforts of life' implies good food, sound health, good clothing, nice shelter, nice company, a high standard of living as well as peace aM security are considered more important than the aspects related to' spiritual pursuits which are intended to lead to peace and happiness of the soul, thus elevating it to Good hood.

In modern civilization the pursuit of material wealth, rather than spiritual, has became an all-engrossing, all-embracing, pursuits. Wordsworth called this state of affairs that were fast gripping industrial England in the nineteenth century in his beautiful sonnets-The World is too much; according to him, material wealth is a 'lorded boon' to which we have given our hearts away'. Earning and spending have become all the important occupations of man. Nevertheless, this pursuit of material values of life is considered a healthy activity that leads to the promotion of industries and employment.(4essay.blogspot.com) It leads to the general increase in the national dividend and utilization of the resources of country for the satisfaction of the various requirements of its citizens. This very sordid pursuits goes III provide for employment to workmen, facilities to business for investment and expansion of productive activities and thereby revenue to the state In modern civilization, a factory giving employment to a few thousand and people is considered to be a wiser national investment than the Selling up of a poorhouse which may provide merely food and shelter to an equal number.

The next important characteristic of modern civilization is the importance given to one's appearance, thus forgetting that appearances are often deceptive. A person is judged by the dress he wears, his general demeanor and the connections he has rather than the intrinsic qualities he may possess. The advanced Western nations have contributed to the inflow of sex and promiscuity in the modern society.

We can notice quite a few other characteristics of modern civilization in the context of our society. Education has come to play a significant role in person's life; it is no longer the domain of the privileged few. Opportunities are offered to every individual to educate him and his progeny as ignorance and illiteracy have had their sway over the masses for centuries and their evil effects are too well known to be by past. Elementary education is provided free of cost to all those who are willing to benefit community. Health Schemes have added to the general health and well being of the masses.

Independence, and with it the advent of modern scientific ideas and achievement have contributed to higher moral and patriotic character. The people are now conscious of their freedom and are enlarging their outlook from the narrow bounds of their castes, creed, religion are community'. Time is not far off when a national barrier will also be a hindrance in the free and' creative thinking of the modern man and we shall, indeed, be able to have a wider, more varied and exciting international outlook.(4essay.blogspot.com) There is all urgency in the common man to day which impels to take an active interest in the happening around him. International cooperation and co-existence is being practiced all around. The advanced nations are fast coming to the rescue of their less fortunate brethren, thus fastening common global ties. Modern civilization has given an impetus to a feeling of fellow sympathy and brotherhood among the various peoples.

With the broadening of outlook, modern civilization has strengthened the bounds of nationalism and, inter-nationalism at the expense of family ties, the old joint-family system is going away. Relationships except when they, are from the direct line, are loosening their grip. The family is now narrowing down and it includes only man, wife' and their children. Family paining has led to the thinning of the family and very seldom do modern parents have more than two or three children compared to the average of eight to ten children for family a few decades ago.(4essay.blogspot.com) The joint family that housed together a hundred a hundred members with the four walls of a, single house and stood firm like a rock' against shocks and' setbacks has been broken up into a number of small families living separately generally from hand to mouth and with no stamina or protection, from misfortunes or distress or illness. The solid and strong; responsibilities which, the joint family system 'produced are no ' longer to be seen, in the modern society where the head of the small family unit has to fight his way singly, devoid of the strong protection, of the' united living of a large joint family.

Despite these handicaps, modern civilization may be considered superior to, and better than the older civilization in many ways. Even though there is a. trend towards individualism, the collective feelings of community, nation and the world as, a whole have greatly developed and there is now a greater sense of unity in the making. Science and technology' have brought human beings together by speedy means of transport and communication, thereby the minds and thinking of human being, closer. Whereas man has gained an individual freedom, his common existence has been bound strongly with other human beings.

If mankind' is able to do some constructive thinking in the direction of removal of ignorance; illiteracy, want, inequality and injustice and if tan also prevent the scourge 'of future wars modern civilization, would be something' really to be proud of, we would have achieved a miracle that has been man's ideal since the millennium. Although scientific progress in Pakistan is not yet up to the mark, it can be safely predicted that Pakistan is now taking her legitimate place as a, civilized and developing nation, though she is still far behind in the race of progress and scientific advancement, the fact cannot be denied that Pakistan is now one of the important state of the world.

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