December 08, 2013

A National Solidarity Week

Essay : [A National Solidarity Week]

English Essay on "A National Solidarity Week"

A National Solidarity Week

Pakistan is a multi-racial, multi-lingual country of many religions. In order to make progress, the Pakistani people must be united. With this end in view a national solidarity week has been observed every year since 1947. There are many official and public function held in the course of the week. All of them aim at promoting unity and good will among the people of Pakistan.

I he last such week was observed in the month of ...., this year. In our state the week was officially opened by his highness the sultan.

In my school the preparations to celebrate it were taken in hand a. few weeks before the solidarity week was to be launched. Our art rooms became virtual workshops turning out placards, posters, and slogans for display in classrooms, in the hall and in other important sections of the school. The class with the best solidarity poster was promised a picnic by the seaside. In addition the poster would be entered in the state solidarity week poster competition. I am glad to say that the poster designed and painted by my class was adjudged the best entry not only in our school but also in the whole state.

During the week, my school held daily assemblies instead of the usual one held only on Friday. At all of them, the national flag was unfurled and the national anthem was sung.( The school choir led the gathering in the singing of patriotic songs like a Jeevay Jeevay Pakistan. The headmaster read the Solidarity day message on the first day and spoke on the need for national solidarity. On the remaining days of the week some leading personalities including the state Chief Education Officer addressed us.

Languages were contests were' held. The best speakers in English and National Language were awarded book-prizes the theme qf the speeches delivered was required to be national solidarity, some classes staged plays bearing on the same theme.

As suggested by the Chief Education Officer, many boys and girls in our school invited their classmates and schoolmates of communities other than their own to visit their homes and stay with their families. The 'Operation Little Cultural Exchange', as we called the movement, contributed tremendously to good will and understanding among the pupils concerned. All 'visitors' were required to make a report each to their classes. Many admitted that before visiting the homes they had visited, they had looked down upon the communities of their hosts. Now, however, they had changed their minds. In future they would invite their friends of all communities to their homes and visit there if invited.

On the last day of the solidarity week, an essay-writing contest was held. The best essay from each class was selected for inclusion in the school magazine. Besides, the writers of the best essays were given the honor or reading them at a weekly assembly each.

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