November 16, 2013

A Journey By Air

Essay : [A Journey By Air]

English Essay on "A Journey By Air"

A Journey By Air

During the last holidays, I had to go to the Singapore by Air.

On the day of my departure for Singapore, I reached the aerodrome long before the 'plane was due to arrive. My brothers, my sisters and many of my friends were with me. They had all come to see, me off.

The plane arrived punctually. All eyes were gazing at it as soon as it came in sight. It touched down a quarter of a mile from the aerodrome building and slowly taxied to where we were waiting for it, soon the passengers for our town began to disembark. There were greetings, hugs and kisses between the disembarking passengers and their friends and relatives who had come to receive them.

A few minutes later the passengers were told to embark. I took leave of all who had come to see me off and walked to the plane. As I climbed the steps to enter the plane, I was cordially received by an air-hostess and led to my seat. Inside, the plane looked like a huge bus, fitted with very comfortable and spacious berths. When all the passengers had taken their seats, the gangway was removed and the door was securely closed and bolted. The engines of the plane were then started-a signal that it was ready to leave. All the window facing the aerodrome building were crowded now. Passengers were waving to their friends and relatives. The plane moved at a terrific speed along the run-way and took off in a matter of seconds.

The higher we climbed into the sky, the smaller the objects on the ground appeared to become. Houses and other buildings in my town looked like the models of geometrical figures-cubes, pyramid, etc.( Men walking along the metalloid streets looked like white ants crawling on stone slabs. The river flowing by the town appeared like a white, crooked line drawn on a green board.

Soon we had left the town behind, and were flying over the forest. The tall trees in the forest did not appear to be trees at all. The whole thing looked like a vast meadow covered with green grass. Hills were visible only so long as we had not flown over their summits. But the moment the plane had climbed higher than the top of a hill; the hill lost its identity and was merged with green meadows all around.

Men, houses, streets and rivers had long been lost to sight. Soon even the green rarest disappeared behind the clouds. Nothing except the white clouds was visible now. Had it been cloudy at the time of our taking off, I could not have told you how things looked from an aero plane in flight. After looking at the white clouds for some time, I was fed up with the monotony of the scene outside. I stretched my legs and leaned back for a nap.

The plane moved so smoothly that one could read a book or write a letter inside it, without any, difficulty. The airhostesses were ready all the time to supply passengers with drinks, etc. A few passengers were, nevertheless, airsick.

As we drew our destination it began to rain. It was raining so heavily when the plane landed at the Paya Lebar Airport, that I could see little of the great city from the air, Because of the rain, there were very few people at the Airport to receive the passengers.

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