September 08, 2013

Football Fans Fight It Out

Essay : [Football Fans Fight It Out]

English Essay on "Football Fans Fight It Out"

Football Fans Fight It Out

The referee blew his whistle and the match ended in a draw. But the end of the game marked the beginning of a fight.
The behavior of the crowd watching this match had been extremely deplorable. There had been too much barracking and yelling on the part of the spectators. They had cried themselves hoarse cheering up their favorite players and hurling all sorts of filthy abuse at their opponents. Even empty bottles and stones had been thrown on the field though, fortunately, no player had been hurt. The few policemen on duty had intervened many times but their intervention had produced no lasting results.
At first target of the mob's fury was the referee himself. He had not allowed a goal thereby infuriating the supporters of one of the teams. At another time he had failed, as some spectators thought, to pull up a player for obstructing one of the other sides. Having offended the supporters of both teams, he was mobbed form all sides. But the players knew that he had Judged the game fairly therefore they surrounded him and led him safely out of the field.
Having been deprived of access to their common prey -the referee -the opposing supporters now confronted one another. At first the more conspicuous ones of the noise makers were spotted out and beaten up. But soon there was a free fight. Everybody was hitting everybody else disregardful of whether he was on his own side or on the opposite side. Bottles, sticks, hands, feet and even heads were freely made use of in the scuffle. This resulted many shoulders, before the riot squad arrived at the scene.
At the sight of the riot-squad vehicles someone shouted, police this caused a stampede. Many in the mob were knocked down and trampled on. But one section of the crowd was engaged in such a life and death struggle that they failed to notice the presence of the police. A few tear-gas bombs landed in their midst and a bullet was fired over their heads.( This caused them to disperse in all directions, many tumbling and falling more than once to police caught hold of some who were still fighting.
The field was left littered with all types of objects bottles broken and unbroken, handkerchiefs, shoes, pairs of spectacles, purses wounded men and children, some of them unconscious and seriously hurt.
The police took possession of all valuables recovered from the field and removed the wounded to the hospital for treatment. I understand all those arrested have since been charged with breach of the peace.

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