August 21, 2013

Power Without Love Is Dangerous

Essay : [Power Without Love Is Dangerous]

English Essay on "Power Without Love Is Dangerous"

Power Without Love Is Dangerous

Points Introduction-Rower is a manifestation of the animal spirit- Power originates from self-love Conclusion
Man has an inherent love of power. Nobody likes to be, dominated, but everybody likes to lord it over others. This is what we see in every form of life. In the family, in the society, in the state and in the international field this dominating instinct in man reigns supreme. It is equally predominant in' the civilized as well as in the uncivilized world. The powerless, because they are 'so, yield to the powerful and become subservient to them. But their 'love of power does not die out. As soon as opportunity presents itself to them, they at once take revenge.
The love of power is a manifestation of the animal spirit we have in us. This animal spirit, again, springs from our greed and selfish motive. For this we strike others down, trample over them and make them submissive to us so that we may have the lion's share of everything.
Power thus originates from self-love. But this self-love should not be absolutely aggressive. The main in power should have some consideration for others. Along, with his feeling for his own-self, he should feel for others who are under him. If this is not the case, him own life will be in jeopardy. The 'French and the Russian revolutions are instances on the point. Louis XVI and the Czar of Russia were extremely self-centered and took no thought of their subjects who were groaning under their heels. The result was that as soon as latter found an opportunity they sprang upon their cruel lords and tore them into pieces.
In every field whether social, political, administrative or commercial, a tug-of war is going on between the powerful with vested interests and the powerless aspiring after a better living. And whenever the powerless are denied considerati9n or love, the atmosphere becomes explosive leading often times to disasters of unimaginable magnitude.
Thus power without love is dangerous. For the good of all, it should be tempered with love as justice should be tempered with mercy.

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