November 16, 2013

A Drought

Essay : [A Drought]

English Essay on "A Drought"

A Drought

Malaysia is an equatorial country. It gets plenty of rain throughout the year, and droughts are an unusual occurrence here. Last year, however, there was a serious drought in my state. It lasted nearly three months.

For the first week after it had stopped raining, people felt rather relieved. It was a welcome change from daily rain to bright sunshine. But, soon afterwards,' all began to miss the rain. By the end of the second week, everybody was complaining of the heat and talking of a drought having set in.

By this time, grass had been completely parched. All the small plants and flowers, which usually grow wild, had died. The farmers had, so far, been watering their vegetable gardens by carrying or draining water from the nearby ponds. But now the ponds and pools also had become dry. It was clear that the plants would perish soon. The rice crop was severely hit, too.

The cattle were starving for want of grass. As nobody had ever feared the setting in of a drought, there was no stock of fodder. The poor animals were in a terrible state.

The streams in the drought affected areas were first reduced to rivulets and then they dried up completely. The only source of water supply now was the wells in the kampongs. But after a few days, these wells also ran dry.

Then another emergency occurred. We had never thought of any danger from the forests in the neighborhood of our Kampong. One night a tiger entered the village, and carried away a young calf. He had come in search of water. To meet the emergency caused by the appearance of wild beasts, we had to take steps to defend our village against them. But we could protect the village only. Herds of animals left the jungle every night in search of water, but finding no water, fed themselves on rice or any other crop still standing.

After the wells had run dry, we had to walk or cycle to far -off places in search of water. One day, a party from our village was passing by a military camp, when the officer in command of the camp asked them where they were going. When they told him the whole story of their suffering, the officer advised them not to leave their village, any more for water he would send water to them every day. With this promise, which they did not fully believe would be carried out, the villagers returned home.

Next day, a huge military truck, fitted with a tank full of water, arrived at our village. People stood in a long queue, with pails in their hands, and received enough water to last them for the day.( This truck and many more continued to supply water to a number of drought-affected Villages, until the rains' came once more. Public and Government welfare organizations helped the other villages. The Government supplied fodder for the cattle and rice for the people in the affected areas.

Very often, prayers for rain were offered in mosques and temples. At the end of almost three months, the rain set in again. It rained so heavily on the very first day that there were flood waters everywhere. Nobody now complained of this calamity after suffering from the other.

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