October 05, 2012



Point: Introduction – Utilities of electricity – Conclusion.

Of all the discoveries of science made in the last century and the present, the discovery of electricity has been the most useful. It has practically changed the face of the whole world. Modern life and all its comforts and conveniences depend much upon this important discovery.

The uses to which electricity has been put are many. It has shortened distance. It helps us in driving electric tramways, railways, and motor vehicles. We can now go from one place to another without much loss of time.

Telegraphic messages can be sent from place to place in an amazingly short time. A man living at Lahore can send good or bad news to members of his family in Karachi or receive news for them within two or three hours. Telephonic messages can also be conveyed from house to house or from one country to another. A man living in Anarkali bazaar can carry on his business without moving from that place with a firm on the Mall. Electricity has therefore helped us to connect one place with another. A man in London can speak to a man in Karachi as if he were speaking to a man standing near him. This is what electricity has done through telegraphs and telephones.

Electricity has given us electric lights, electric fans and electric heaters. We owe to it the lighting of our great cities and even of our homes. In summer it can keep us cool by giving us cool breeze. In winter it can dispel cold by giving us warmth through electric heaters.4essay.blogspot.com

Besides these, electricity is much used in industries both great and small. It is used for the purification of metals. In electro-plating, electro-typing and electro-gilding, we see the marvels of electricity. It is also used in curing certain diseases.

Electricity has increased the comforts and conveniences of mankind to a very large extent. It cooks our food, washes our clothes, grinds our corn, sweeps our houses, burns the rubbish lying in the street, heats our houses in winter and provides us with water in deserts.

Electricity can do all kinds of work. We realize its power when we travel at high speed in electric trams and railways, when we find our houses and streets illuminated with electric lights, when we receive a telephonic or a telegraphic message, or sit under an electric fan. 4essay.blogspot.com

The present age is an age of electricity. We cannot do without this. What has electricity done for us? It has left us better lighted, better, furnished, better ventilated, better provided with food, and in better sanitary conditions. This is the inestimable service electricity has done to mankind.


  1. Actually In Bangladesh We are really dependent on electricity. Thanks For the Help In my Exams.Wish Me Luck

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