August 11, 2013

If I Were The Head Of The State

If I Were The Head Of The State

Points: Introduction – A servant of the countrymen – Top priority to the economic development – Education – To make Pakistan a truly Islamic state – Conclusion.

The saying “Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown” occurs in Shakespeare’s drama. In modern days “The head that wears a crown” stands for person who occupies a position of authority and power. The life of the head of state is not a bed of roses. In fact, it is a burden of responsibilities. If I become the head of the state of Pakistan, I shall leave no stone unturned to convert it into a welfare state based upon the lofty principles of Islam.

A really responsible person has very little time to think for himself. He is all the time concerned with the comforts and well-being of those who are dependent on him. On becoming the head of the state I shall consider myself as a servant of my countrymen and not their master. I shall work with all sincerity for the progress and prosperity of the country. But this is not an easy task to achieve. Firstly, I shall improve the administration of the country. Appointments will be made purely on the basis of merit. Inefficient and corrupt officers will have no place in my administration. Bribe and corruption in administration will be severely death with. For the proper implementation of my plans I shall have to choose with great care and caution a devoted and selfless team of ministers and high

My administration will give top priority to the economic development of1 the country. My aim will be to wipe out poverty from Pakistan. For this purpose large scale reforms will be introduced in all sectors of economic activities. Mechanized farming on a large scale will be adopted throughout the country so that Pakistan may become self-sufficient in food. Growth of industries will be encouraged. The natural resources and manpower of the country shall be fully exploited. I shall ban the import of all articles of luxury. Simple living will be popularized. Economic justice will be done to all.

Education will receive due attention of my government. I shall make all possible efforts to wipe out illiteracy from the country. Technical and scientific education will be given top priority. Education will be made free up to Intermediate level. For making and shaping of a well developed society, basic and higher education is the sheet anchor for the people.

It will be my endeavor to make Pakistan a truly Islamic state where justice will be done to all irrespective of caste, creed or color. Judiciary will be made quite independent of the executive. Law and order will be maintained throughout the country at all cost. Efforts will be made to better the police administration. Criminals will be severely death with. Freedom of speech will be granted. Press will be made free.

In short, I shall do my best to make Pakistan a safe abode for all where peace, progress and prosperity will prevail.

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