August 17, 2013

A Thing of Beauty is a Joy For Ever

A Thing of Beauty is a Joy For Ever

Points: Introduction – The world is full of misery – It moves our dark spirit – It keeps us living – Conclusion.

Keats opens his poem Endymion with this famous line: “A thing of beauty is a joy forever”

According to Keats beauty is immortal. A thing of beauty is a constant source of pleasure and it never dies. Its charm is always on increase. If a beautiful thing loses its charm, it can be enjoyed in imagination.

The world is full of misery. Human life is full of agony and strife. A man is engaged in the grim struggle for existence. He is whipped on by hunger and desire. Moreover, complications of modern civilized life have changed the simple ways of living. All his activities are guided by Mammon worship. This Mammon worship has converted the physician, the philosopher, the lawyer, the priest, the teachers, the scientists into paid wage laborers. So in the grim struggle for existence, we have no time to stand and

Yet ‘Beauty’ in this very suffering world lives among men. Through a handful of dust, man was created in the image of God. Man is always greater than the sum-total of sorrows and sufferings on, earth. Man is compounded of flesh and spirit. And this spirit sustains him above the oppressing load of misery and leads him on his quest of Beauty. Some shape of beauty moves away the pall of our dark spirits.

It is the beautiful things which keep us living in the world. It manifests itself in more than one way. Nature gives birth to beautiful things. All the colour and sunshine in the world create the sensation of beauty as they leave their impress on the soul. The silent stars twinkling at a distance, the moon, the setting sun with its crimson glory, the grandeur of its rising, the blue sky, the play of colours in the fleeting clouds, the mountains, rivers and hills are all the source of great joy. Trees and plants also comfort our soul. Beautiful flowers make our soul alive by their loveliness and perfume. We have only to open our senses in joy and the alchemy of Beauty will turn our souls into gold.

Beauty is also seen in the stories that we read or hear. History provides us with heroic deeds of great men. Literature, too, is a source of happiness. When we read these, we feel that an immortal drink is being offered to us.

Beautiful things wash away despair from our lives. We feel cheerful when we see objects of beauty. It gives us health and peace.

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