February 11, 2015

Life In The Tropics Compared With That In The Temperate Zones

Life In The Tropics Compared With That In The Temperate Zones

English Essay on "Life In The Tropics Compared With That In The Temperate Zones"

In ancient times the Tropics, or at least some of the countries in them, were not suitable for habitation. The tropical climate favours the growth of a large variety of parasites and germs which, if free to act, cause innumerable diseases. Malaria, cholera, plague, yellow fever, is only some of the diseases that infested the tropical lands up to very recent times, and which have by no means been wiped out yet.
The climate of the tropics is very tiring and hinders man from engaging in any type of strenuous work, without ruining his health. The forests in most of the tropical countries are very thick, and the trees in these forests are very difficult to cut, their wood being too hard. For 'these reasons, it was not possible, in the past, to clear them or to transport the wood available in them Consequently, these countries were very sparsely inhabited, and the few people living in them were not healthy. These observations apply particularly to Brazil in South America and to some countries in Central Africa.
The temperate zones have always been more suitable for human habitation. Some of the areas in them have the densest population in the world.(4essay.blogspot.com) Many parts of Central China and various countries in Europe are over populated. The summers in these countries are pleasantly warm so that people can do any type of hard work without getting too tired. The winters are so severe that man must do some hard work or take some hard exercise to keep him warm. The people in these areas are, therefore, healthier than the people in the tropical regions.
With the recent advancement in tropical medicine, and the introduction of proper health services into the tropical countries, the danger of disease has either completely disappeared or is no longer .very serious. Advancement in technology has placed powerful machines at the service of man. They can help him in making roads and clearing forests. Consequently, settlements of immigrants may now be found springing up where there were only thick forests or 'unhealthy marshes before. This tropic now offers better chances of prosperity to man than the temperate regions, which are already over-populated.

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