November 16, 2013

A School Cleanliness Week

Essay : [A School Cleanliness Week]

English Essay on "A School Cleanliness Week"

A School Cleanliness Week

Our school building is now fifty years old. The last time it was white washed and repaired was ten years ago. It is a vast building made up of nearly 50 classrooms, eight laboratories, a hall, a library, a hostel accommodating nearly two hundred boarders, and a canteen. The pupil population of the school is nearly 2,000 in 50 classes. The classrooms are used almost daily from 7.00 a.m. to 10.00 p.m. In the afternoon a newly started lower Secondary School is housed in our building. Every evening it serves as a 'Further Education centre. The fields are used daily by us for sports and games. Almost every Saturday and Sunday they are loaned to one government department or another for holding its sports. As a result of being used constantly and by various groups of people, the building is more liable to get dirty than a building is being used only as a single-session school.

Towards the end of the last term our fields and' classrooms had become very unpreventable. The fields were littered with paper, groundnut shells and such other things left behind by athletes and spectators. The walls of the class rooms had become sooty and much scribbling had been done on them. The scribbling in the stair ways and latrines was not only much but extremely objectionable. The ground surrounding the school canteen was swampy and the school drains had become pools of stagnant water. There were mosquitoes all over the place.

After many duty-masters and perfects had complained to the headmaster about this sad state of affairs, he called a meeting of the staff. At the meeting the question of the school cleanliness was discussed. It was proposed and agreed that a cleanliness week should be launched.( All normal extra –mural activities for one week were to be suspended. The morning activities of the school would go on a usual. Since the classrooms were being used in the afternoon, they would be attended to on the morning of the Saturday of the cleanliness week.

Before the cleanliness week arrived special funds were raised. These were to be used for buying paint, brushes and other equipment required for thoroughly cleaning the place. There being 50 classes in the school, the school was divided into fifty areas. Each of these areas was allotted to one particular class. They were supplied with paint and brushes for painting the walls they had been assigned to clean, or lo dig and level the ground they were supposed to attend to.

Every afternoon the school was the scene of a vast cleanliness operation. One could see large groups of boys cleaning the school fields. Some could b~ seen scraping the walls of latrines another wall to remove all types of writings on them. The low, waterlogged land around the canteen was filled up with earth brought in from a hillock at the back of the school. The drains were cleared of silt and sprayed with D.D.T. to prevent mosquitoes from breeding there. The whole of Saturday morning was spent on washing, scrubbing, scraping and painting the interiors of the various classrooms.

The cleanliness campaign was a great example. The teachers and pupils had all helped in it. The manual work was done entirely by pupils. The teachers were all along on hand to give advice and to keep discipline. Besides they had contributed generously to the cleanliness fund. The school looks so clean and respectable now that it had been proposed to observe the last week of the second term as cleanliness week every year.

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