September 08, 2013

An Air Drama

Essay : [An Air Drama]

English Essay on "An Air Drama"

An Air Drama

Evening was quiet inside the comet'. The stewardesses were going about their chores. Some of the passengers were still reading their magazines and newspapers. Others were sleeping in their seats. Those on their first flight were keeping on enthusiastically peering out through the glass windows of the Jet. The glimpses of the Lilliputian world below fascinated them. Everybody was clam. We had not yet been told to fasten our belts, but according to the stewardesses we were not very far from the airport where we were to land.
All of a sudden the silence in the soundproof cabins was broken by a loud whirr. The passengers were jostled about as the aero plane shook and tiled form side to side, hit by some unknown object. Later on it was revealed that a huge flight of birds appearing suddenly had flown straight into the rotor blades of a starboard engine. Many of them had been sucked into the engine, putting it completely out of action.
A voice was heard over the loudspeaker. It said, This is the pilot speaking. Fasten your belts. We are coming down for an emergency landing. We are not far from the airport. I am in touch with the tower. Luckily the runway is clear to take us. I am confident that we shall make it. Please do not panic At first these words had the opposite of the desired effect. Shocked and dazed at what had just happened, the passengers did become panicky. There was no question of anyone of them being asleep, reading, or peering through the windows. They were simply dumb-founded. With' quick but clumsy hands, they fastened their seat belts.( Stewardesses were rushing form passenger to passenger helping them to fasten their belts. Their calm and composed appearance lent confidence to the passengers. They kept on talking to the passengers individually as well as collectively. They offered sweets to children and went up and down serving drinks to the more frightened among the elderly passengers. Their behavior was exemplary.
The plane itself was in no way steady. It still rolled from side to side. It was losing height very fast now. My seat being next to a window, I peeped out. We were flying over the suburbs of a city. We were close to the airport. But the speed with which the sizes of the house and roads below grew in my sight was not very reassuring. I felt we were falling down perpendicularly. And one of the starboard engines was on fire, sending columns of smoke along the length of the plane in flight.
Seconds later I could see the airport tower to the right of the plane. The airport itself was crowded with fire engines, with firemen standing beside their vehicles. The pilot who had been informed us of the eight of the 'plane occasionally, now said Coming down to land. We all held our breaths, for the most crucial moment had arrived. The plane came down with a tilt, but was straightened in time. It jolted horribly, but came to a perfect stop right beside the fire engines on the tarmac. While the passengers began to scramble out to safety, the firemen put out the fire in the right wing of the plane and saved the plane from utter destruction.
Thank God, it was all over.

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