September 06, 2013


Essay : [Examinations]

English Essay on "Examinations"


Points Introduction -Are the real test of intelligence – Alter-native – Conclusion

Examinations play a vital role in our academic institutions. The work of the students is determined by their success in examinations. Examinations bring degrees and diplomas to successful candidates and these bring jobs and career to them. The greater the success the more lucrative the jobs they get. This is the reason why examinations are regarded with such keen and anxious interest. They are a passport to employment.
Are examinations a test of intelligence This is a question which is very often discussed. Do our successful youths possess more intelligence than those who fail or do not take any examinations From one point of view, it may be answered that examinations are not a real test of intelligence. The reason is that the passing of examinations depends upon a number of factors which are accidental. For example a brilliant student might fall during examinations and gets low marks or even fail. Shall he be called dull when he fail thus On the other hand, an ordinary student might by chance read and remember some questions which happen to be set in the examination. Such a lucky coincidence might bring him a first class. Shall we call him more intelligent One who has thoroughly mastered the texts prescribed has a fair chance of getting good position in the examinations. But we know that such ability is not real intelligence.
All this, however, does not mean that examinations by themselves are no good. Some types of test and examinations are always necessary and the only means of measuring the standards of individual attainment. Until therefore, we find better alternatives for die present system of examinations, we cannot do away with them. Several measures have been suggested. For example, making examination monthly and fortnightly instead of annual and terminal only. This is a good suggestion. A student’s progress is better assessed if and when he is subjected to frequent tests say even fortnight or month.( The real merit of the student should be judged by the consistent and continuous progress of his studies in the class. A record of his work kept thus will be a real test of his substantial development. The system of lectures should be supplemented by practical and tutorial classes. Examinations will be less artificial if tutorial classes are properly conducted and the records of students maintained.
After all, we need some kind of tests, written and oral, in order to measure the standards of students who have under-gone a certain system of education. The point of the test is to see whether a course of studies has been undergone and knowledge of the subject is attained. It is a test of certain discipline. Without such tests we cannot know who is what, whether a student has understood and assimilated knowledge of certain subjects. So we should say that examinations are essential. “They are an inevitable part of any academic system. By changing this system means changing the system of education itself.

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