April 29, 2012



Points: A lecture to be delivered by Mr.A - In the Civic Centre Hali - The President was requested to take the chair- The president introduced the speaker - The speaker spoke on the unity of the Muslim World The presidential remarks - Thanks to the chair and the speaker.

It was announced the other day in the news papers that a lecture was to be delivered by Mr A in the Civic Centre Hall on the 20th, January at 6 P.M. Since I had never heard this great orator before, so I made up my mind not to miss this opportunity. I reached there an hour earlier with a hope to get a good seat but I was surprised to find that the hall was packed with people. Many of them sat in the gallery, but a few also sat on chairs on the dias. They were the respectable and influential people of the society.

At about five minutes to SIX, the organizer of meeting asked the people to keep quiet. Mr.L was then proposed to take the chair. He took his seat amidst loud cheers. The function started with the recitation from the Holy Quran. Mr. L -then introducing the speaker said that Mr.A is a well-known person and does not require introduction at my hands. He is a great orator and a true patriot. We shall all be delighted to hear him. After this he called upon the speaker to address the meeting. When Mr.A rose to speak, pin-drop silence prevailed everywhere. He said that the Subject of his speech was the unity of the Muslim World. At this everybody felt much interested. In the course of his speech he traced the causes of the downfall of Muslims all over the world. "We should love and tolerate each other," he said, "and respect each other's feelings. We are all Muslims and we should act and behave like Muslims. He gave a clarion call to the Muslims to come back to religion. He advised the Muslims to shun their petty differences and form an united front against their common enemy. The Muslims, so long, followed the teachings of Islam remained supreme. The remedy of our problems lies in the Holy Quran but unfortunately we have set it aside. Our fan from moral and spiritual ideals proved a dire tragedy for us. He bitterly criticized the super powers for their anti-Muslim policies. He quoted, for example, the Russian occupation of Afghanistan. The Americans, too, are not the friends of Muslims. We have to build up own forces. Unity is the dire need of the time. But if we quarrel with each other we shall come to grief. At the end of his speech he sat down admits deafening cheers by the people assembled there.

The President of the meeting then rose to speak. He paid rich tributes to the speaker and praised for his courage and ability. When the President sat down the Secretary came forward and proposed a vote of thanks to the chair and the speaker. After this the meeting came to an end.

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